H!P Girls part 1 – Konno Asami

The first random part of what may be an occasional ramble about beautiful Japanese singers.

I doubt I could name one particular girl as a favourite MM member. However one of the girls who would never be far away from my thoughts on the matter is Konno Asami. The girl with the Bambi eyes just totally melts me. In my country where drinking alcohol at 13 and hanging around the streets past midnight is positively encouraged by most parents it would be hard to find any young women with the kind of personality KonKon has. A beautiful at times shy young lady with a nevertheless happy outlook and a good sense of fun, a cute voice, coupled with a beautiful exterior makes her the kind of girl you’d do anything for. Watching the Close-Up version of Yattarouze! (the second Ongaku Gatas single and a great song. Still available from all good record shops if you happen to live in Japan and online from the likes of YesAsia if you don’t) you realise just how much more beautiful she has gotten over the years (and I mean she was cute to start with). The ultimate kawaii Japanese singing idol. If you haven’t seen her Hawaii dvd then really you should. If for nothing else just to see her reaction to the deer. Konno is seriously kawaii in Hawaii (groan).

I know I’m not alone in thinking this. This is the girl who could send many thousands of hearts fluttering with just a smile. It would be nice to grab the energy she could give to us all and use it to psychically blow away all those horrible people who only delight in causing suffering in the world. Sadly those people always live on and prosper but nevertheless when you are feeling down, when work or your home life is getting to you or when stress through money problems, relationship problems…well any problems at all starts to make you feel blue think of Konno’s smile. Even if your problems don’t go away I bet you’ll feel a little better. Well unless you don’t like Konno in which case you deserve everything you get quite frankly and just why are you reading my blog anyway? Some people. I mean really!

Anyway for an idea of her level of utter loveliness look down.

Konno kawaii


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