What does the future hold?

I’ve heard lots of people talking about what the future is for Morning Musume. There’s been lots of mutterings about poor sales and complaints at the direction the music is taking. Well I can exclusively reveal one thing MM fans have in store. Yes exclusively to Morningtime I can reveal that over the coming year Mitsui Aika is going to start becoming hot. Seriously the cute little sister…


…is going to start really growing up. Just take a look at the cover to the next single…


The sweet little panda is definately getting a more mature image. I feel she is somewhat maligned in certain circles. Maybe as she gets older people will start to appreciate her more. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think that a persons worth is just through looks – besides I think she’s adorable now in a little sister kind of way – I just think that as she gets older she’s really going to surprise people. Just wait and see.


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