So Haromoni 6 April 2008…

This guy can slice things armed only with a really sharp sword. Really he can.

Sword bloke

The girls seem very impressed by this. He can slice fruit, eggs, bottles of water…anything really. The girls enjoy it so much he gets six stars (out of the eight possible). I’ve always loved Reina and she doesn’t let me down. I now have a lot more respect for JunJun too. The other six girls though…what were they thinking. I mean it’s not really a ‘talent’ being able to slice things armed only with an object designed to slice things.

Next up is Takahashi Cute doing her usual wig and suit thing. Normally pretty fun. This week it’s a Google Earth thing that’s a bit flat really.


Talking of cute the clothes this week could almost be a bit servant girlish.

Takahashi servant

This leads to bad thoughts. I am a very bad person. Dirty. Dirty. Umm…it’s not my fault. It’s the Takahashi effect.

The next clip is of this penguin…


…who is kept in this box…

Pingu box

…And is forced to do menial tasks in return for a stroke…

Pingu the paperpenguinboy

This time only five stars are given. Reina lets me down but JunJun is staying in my good books. Sayumi and Mitsui atone for their earlier misdemeanor.

Next up is Reina Tanaka and a pearl necklace. If I was really naughty I could think up a joke here but I’ll resist because I love her too much. She may be my lust interest but I couldn’t ever see her merely as an outlet for sexual thoughts. She’s worth far more than that. The sexual thoughts are still nice though. Ahem. Anyway for some reason she eats some curry and then the other girls all follow suit. Talking of which Reina (who always looks good) is the only girl I could think of who doesnt look bad in a mans suit.

Reina Tanaka in a suit

While eating the curry Takahashi Lovely speaks with her mouth full which is a bit rude really but I’ll forgive her.

Takahashi Ai mouthfull

So it was all something to do with a pearl curry and I am none the wiser.

Next! It’s LinLin and more of her strange mimed sports.


It may have had something to do with Spiderman. This section must be losing something in (no) translation as I never understand what the point really is. I don’t dislike LinLin mind. She’s a nice girl. Anyone who’s seen her crying into JunJun’s shoulder behind the scenes at Yossie’s graduation concert should see her loveliness.

The next item is two schoolgirls with a mobile phone. Some cards may be involved, the clip is over in seconds and again any sense is lost on me. I can’t even get the enthusiasm to take a screenshot. This is then followed back in the studio by more cards via mobile phones and a Google websearch. I think Google are sponsoring this episode.

And so onto the learn something within a time limit section and this week it’s Little Bo LinLin. She has to memorise some fish and hooray she does it. All the girls give her a star…except one.

LinLin & Mitsui

This is the funniest moment of the episode. I have no idea what Mitsui said but she was resolute and it did bring a smile. Never let it be said she craves in to peer pressure.

So that was it. There was just time for a quick clip of the video to their new single Resonant Blue and the show was over. At only 19 minutes this is the shortest episode I’ve seen. It was also probably the least entertaining Moutube episode. Reina looked good. So did Ai. But the only one to raise a laugh was little panda Mitsui. I know I don’t speak Japanese so may be missing out on a lot (when you see subtitled episodes you realise just how much you do miss) but even so there was very little ‘outside’ talent on show and what the girls got to do was minimally entertaining to say the least. Still I do prefer the Moutube episodes to any of their other previous formats so maybe next week will be a return to some sort of form.


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  1. Thinking of Haromoni I hope the girls get to perform Resonant Blue on it next week. Other H!P releases have been plugged with a performance so they should do one.

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