So Haromoni 12 April 2008 and what do we get this week? Well for starters a performance of MM’s brilliant new single Resonant Blue…

Then it’s on with the show. Today’s attire? Suits and glasses.

I like the suits but could live without the glasses. Although Ai & Reina would look good in anything. They’d look good in nothing too but I digress. The first video is of this little drummer boy…

Despite him being tiny he still manages to play the drums to this arcade game really well. Well height is no object to success. Just look at Yaguchi! Anyway he gets all 8 stars, probably the kawaii affect. Yaguchi has a similar affect on me as this kid does on MM strangely. Anyway next up it’s a somewhat random pic of Reina. Yes it’s random but it’s also kawaii times about a thousand.

Look at that face. Gorgeous. So back to the videos and it’s some guy who makes noises of cars or cartoon characters using only his voice.

Hmm. Using only his voice to make noises eh? Not sure it’s actually that impressive. Nevertheless it’s 7 stars (with only Sayumi Bunny not pressing the button). So onto Gaki and…umm…nope. No idea. Sorry. This is definately one of those times when speaking Japanese would be an advantage!

Well it’s a 4-starrer. Eri, Takahashi Lovely, Reina and Kosumi deeming it not worthy enough of a star. So onto Cabbageman…

Again I’m none the wiser. Candy floss seems to be involved and back at the studio this leads to some girl on girl action that can’t be overlooked…

Well really. At that time of the morning showing this filth. Why can’t they show it later when there’d be more people watching? We’ll get the girls another number 1 yet.

I say. This is all getting a bit much what? I may have to loosen the collar on my shirt. Still no stars are referred to and it’s then onto everyones favourite or second favourite Chinese Morning Musume member LinLin. It’s the usual mime stuff. You know the drill by now probably. Well it leads to a lot of shouting back in the studio and I just noticed how good Eri looks in glasses.

So onto the memory test. This week JunJun has to memorise breeds of cats. A bit harder than the last test where it was breeds of dog. Well I’d have thought so anyway.

And if you don’t want to know the result look away now. Yeah she got them all correct which in turn led to 7 stars. Who didn’t give one? Well remember last week when Mitsui didn’t give LinLin one?

Well she’s even handed. Could this be war?

Well if it is it’s a war fought in the heavens as in the next show they are all dressed as angels. Also worryingly JunJun is crying. I hate seeing her (or anyone else) crying. 😦 The trailer for next weeks show seems to suggest a challenge between JunJun & Mitsui which if I’ve got that right could be entertaining. I’d side against the panda. I think she’s kawaii but needs bringing down a peg or two. Well we’ll see.

So to sum up this episode. It’s the second in a row to be very light on outside talent. Now really I’d like to see a format that shows the girls more than anybody else so wouldn’t normally feel too bad about this. However I am concerned as to whether this show is doing well. The last two episodes have been quite short and despite that they seem to be struggling to fill the airtime. This week they even brought in Cabbageman to fill some space. I’m not convinced by Haromoni. I’ve seen a years worth now and none of the formats seem to have worked that well. I think my favourite format is the Moutube one but if they can’t fill the airtime it’s a bit of a problem. Maybe finding more for the girls to do would be good. This week could have done with some Reina or a Gaki-Eri combination. Still it’s better than nothing. Although nothing could become a possibility one imagines. 😦

Highlight of the show (ignoring the Resonant Blue performance)? Well it’s undoubtedly all the sweet tongue action. Now that I liked. 😉


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