Haromoni 20/04/08

So it’s another episode of Haromoni and what does this weeks have in store? Well first off all the girls look angelic…

Morning Musume

Kawaii! Anyway first it’s the set up for this weeks challenge and yes it is Mitsui versus JunJun. Oh and if you don’t want to know the result stop reading!

I think the panda needs taking down so here’s hoping. I like Mitsui but she’s been spending too much time with Sayumi I reckon. Unusually they actually show the challenge first (although with both JunJun and Mitsui missing from the rest of the show I think they filmed the challenge at the end). It’s a challenge to name 20 famous international figures each. They wear headphones and take it one each at a time. I think it’s sudden death. JunJun takes this seriously. There are tears when she doesn’t know one of the answers.

I hate seeing a woman crying! It ends up losing her the game too. She still seems upset afterwards and there seems to be no arm around her comforting her. Weirdly this all leaves a bitter taste. Also Mitsui’s joy comes across as a bit annoying consequently.

Anyway after that it’s on to the actual clips (and we’re already half way through the show). Well first up is a hidden camera clip overseen by Takahashi Lovely.

The set up seems to be a bagel with a bug underneath it.

Then LinLin is invited into a room and offered the bagel. LinLin’s reaction?

Strangely you don’t get to see a ‘ha ha it’s a setup’ moment. The moment of realisation isn’t shown. Surely that moment is half the fun. Anyway over half the programme in and all we have seen so far is the Chinese girls treated not too well.

Well next up is Eri & Gaki. I get the feeling there is no outside talent this week. What we do get is a series of outtakes. Remember the throw the mobile phone in the bag episode?

Time and again anywhere but in the bag. Hope it was an old phone. Anyway Eri’s reaction when it finally goes in is probably the best thing about this episode. You also get outtakes of the throw the end of the carrot in the bin and the flick the spoon to each other episodes.

Okay onwards to magician Sayumi. This time it’s balloons that *gasp* explode.

From her reaction you’d think the balloons were full of explosives.

Onto what at first glimpse looks like a video of some marching band but turns out to be another Takahashi clip.

You can never have enough Takahashi.

And that was it. There’s just time to explain the role of orange peel in the balloon trick and then we’re done. So there was no outside talent at all this week. What we got were JunJun crying, a not very well executed secret camera practical joke, some out-takes, a not really entertaining balloon trick and Takahashi Ai briefly messing about with some marching band. The clips shown of next weeks show suggest that maybe that will be another episode heavy on the girls and light on outsiders. If that’s the case I hope they come up with something a bit more entertaining. Something a bit more worthy of the girls talents.


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