H!P Wishlist

Does what it says in the title. A list of H!P related items I want.

Top of my list at the moment is Reina Tanaka’s complete works photobook.

Too expensive to get from the usual online shops like YesAsia so it’s a case of wait and hope. I do find Reina very attractive and really want to have the pics of her dressed as a bunny. Cute and fun(ny).

I also want Iida Kaori’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th albums. The first is breathtaking. This will be a case of wait and see on ebay I think.

Next I want Takahashi Ai’s, Konno Asami’s or Yaguchi Mari’s hand in marriage. Would fetch a bit on ebay I reckon. Priceless though! Okay if I can’t have their hand(s) in marriage then anything related to them will do. I already have Konno’s Hawaii dvd and Yaguchi’s Vietnam dvd and photobook. I don’t really have anything on Takahashi at all though.

Also on my want list is a Morning Musume photo album. To keep pics in obviously.

I’d like Morning Musume’s 7th album. Should end up getting it on ebay at some stage.

I also want any V singles I don’t already have. I want the most complete record of their pv’s that you can get. Top of the list is Kanashimi Twilight Event V. Virtually no chance though as it was only available at a handshake event (I think).

On top of that any singles with photobooks that I don’t already have. You’ll never top Kanashimi Twilight but never mind. Below is a picture from the Mikan photobook shoot.

And that’s it (for now).


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