Haromoni 27/04/08

So Haromoni 27/04/08 and what do we get this week?

Well first up is some Milky Way. That’s a chocolate bar where I come from. The one in pink looks tasty. 😉

Then it’s onto the show proper. This weeks obligatory Reina Tanaka pic…

So the first clip is more GakiKam throwing things over shoulders. Kamei Eri throwing these cans of Morning Musume sponsored drink over her shoulder into the basket of a bicycle is quite impressive.

Plus she looks cute doing it which is always a bonus. Talking of which here’s a pic of Niigaki back in the studio…

We also got some Gaki throwing rubbish into a bin and some sliding of stuff across a table.

Next it’s a panda with a puppet.

I have no idea why she is wearing what she is but if she’d like to come back wearing it in a few years when she’s legal then that’d be fine.


😀 Ahem…joke. So anyway it seems to be some cooking segment where the girls have to guess what design she’ll come up with. The answer was…

A snail. Somebody guessed right…

Who was it? Answer at the bottom of the post. 😀 Oh and the inclusion of a puppet seems to have had no discernible point whatsoever…which I quite like!

Next it’s Gaki times 2 with some split screen effect stuff.

The girls seem to love it back in the studio.

And so onto todays challenge and it’s Koharu who comes bursting into the studio full of energy. This girl is always all smiles. You have to like that really.

She seems to have to identify various objects from their pictures and breezes through with more energy than I’ve seen from anyone else in this programme. Makes you wish Hello! Morning was still on the air. It’d be a better outlet for her and the other girls too. Regardless Koharu got all the objects correct and got stars from everyone except Reina & Sayumi.

Next week’s show seems to have everyone involved with the memory test.

That could be fun. So that’s it for another Haromoni. Again I’m not really fussed. There was little actually on offer. Gaki & Eri had their moment, as did Aika and Koharu but there was very little for the rest and for a 19 minute programme that doesn’t seem good enough. Still it’s the second programme in a row to have no outsiders on it. Whether that’s because they want to concentrate more on the girls or whether it’s just a lack of interest from the public who knows. I hope it’s to concentrate more on the girls. If that’s the case I really hope they can find more for them to do. Each girl should have her moment.

So there’s just time to reveal who predicted the snail…

It was Reina. You can never have too much Reina of a morning!


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