Ayaka Leaves Hello! Project

So it’s been announced that Ayaka is to leave Hello! Project to concentrate on a career in acting. Now it doesn’t really surprise me as she doesn’t seem to have had much to do in recent years but even so I feel slightly sad. Even though it was songs like Renai Revolution 21 & Kanashimi Twilight that got me into Morning Musume Ayaka’s role cannot be underestimated. Yes I was getting into the music but actually finding out about the girls personalities was harder to do. Until that is I discovered Ayaka’s Surprise English Lessons. Through Ayaka’s always entertaining and frequently very funny English lessons I fell for Yaguchi, Takahashi, Kaori and got a far bigger sense of just what all the then current MM girls were like. This was invaluable to my fandom as from there I went on to search out more. So it was that I discovered Utaban and many other tv programmes thay had appeared in. This greater understanding of the girls also led me to discover photobooks and Alo-Hello dvd’s. In recent months I have been thoroughly enjoying being a fan of Morning Musume because of all that. Basically from watching Ayaka teaching the members English phrases I have gone on to discover a whole world of entertainment centred on the beautiful MM singers. More than that though I also came to really like Ayaka. She’s pretty, funny and cool. I was kind of hoping they’d give her more to do. As it is she has embarked on a new career. I hope it’s successful and we get to see her in some good roles. Good luck Ayaka!

Anyway to commemorate her part in the history of H!P here is a funny video of an occasion when the tables were turned. Yes it’s Ayaka’s turn to be a victim at the hands of Nono’s Surprise Dance Lesson!

2 responses to “Ayaka Leaves Hello! Project

  1. Apparently Ayaka has already signed to another agency as an actress. She also now is going by the name of Nagate Ayaka. At least she is signed up somewhere. I hope it leads to success.

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