H!P Girls Part 3 – Yaguchi Mari

Well having already waxed lyrical about Konno & Reina I couldn’t put this off much longer. Yaguchi Mari is probably my favourite H!P girl of all. What is it about her? Is it her lively personality, her smile, her sense of humour, her unpredictability, her diminutive height or her sexy beeeeeeeeaaaaaaaam that gets me? I’m not sure. Probably all of that and more. I think overall though she is a very pretty person with a good heart. Despite her liveliness you get the feeling that here is someone who in her heart wants everyone everywhere to be at peace. Plus every Morning Musume pv she has been in she has lit up the screen. She steals Souda from everyone else in my opinion and that’s one of the better pv’s. I mean if she was just stealing one of the earlier, less energetic videos like Summer Night Town then that’s not so hard but Souda has a big visual impact. It has good performances from Takahashi Lovely, Niigaki, Yossie, Kaori and Kei to name but a few and yet…and yet…YAGUCHIIIIIIIIIII. She totally is the centre of attention everytime she’s on screen. Then there’s her utter cuteness in The Peace. Kawaii! Not to mention everytime she’s at the front during the Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari pv. Her energy just screams out at you. Then there’s her appearance in Renai Revolution 21 showing that she’s more than just cute, she is beautiful. Yaguchi was the life of the Morning Musume party.

But of course Yaguchi has also had a good career away from the music scene and this has given fans even more of an opportunity to enjoy her unique personality. She seems to have about 5 million different tv programmes on the go. Anyone who’s seen her interviewing Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp or Morgan Freeman will know just how entertaining she can be. Recently she was also the star of Kasupe! Tosochu (Run For Money). If you haven’t seen this it’s a show where several Japanese personalities have to avoid capture for a few days. I won’t give anything away but Mari did well. The escalator bit was tense, funny and very entertaining.

Anyway here’s hoping for plenty more Yaguchi goodness in the coming years. Well she shows no signs of slowing. To celebrate her utter loveliness here is a clip of one of her best Ayaka’s Surprise English Lesson appearances. This clip captures her humour and liveliness perfectly.

Ayaka’s Surprise English Lesson with Yaguchi Mari!

Plus some picture examples of her cuteness!

Yaguchi Mari


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