Trading Cards

I love eBay. The things you find on there range from the ridiculous to the sublime. Not to mention that you can buy H!P stuff there. Now as someone not living in Japan that makes eBay pretty much the best window into the purchasing world of H!P. Okay you can go to YesAsia or wherever and that’s fine for new releases but if you want older stuff cheaply it’s eBay all the way. Anyway I purchased a box of Morning Musume trading cards. I’d bought some packs from an earlier series and they weren’t bad so I bought a box of 10 packs of this (slightly) later series. I’m very impressed. There’s a lovely look to the cards. They are nicely produced. Plus there are good pics on both sides of each card. Also even though you don’t get a full set you do get 10 packs with 7 cards in each pack and no duplicates. All that and the box they came in as well.

Lots of nice Yaguchi & Kaori pics in there. Plus Takahashi Lovely, Konno Kawaii and Charmy too. Fanboy/girl heaven!


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