High-King & Koharu Kusumi – New Singles

So as you are probably aware Morning Musume are involved with a musical version of Cinderella with Takarazuka (like they did with Ribbon no Kishi). Takahashi Lovely is Cinders and Reina is an evil stepsis called Joy. As a tie-in to the musical there’s a new unit called High-King with both Ai & Reina involved. The other three members are Shimizu Saki, Yajima Maimi and Maeda Yuuka. Their debut single is called C/C (Cinderella / Complex). I’ve heard a low quality version of it and I quite like it on first impressions. It’s an odd rhythm but catchy. You can listen to it here. Mind you whatever the debut single sounded like I was always going to like the look of these pics.

I wish those pics were bigger though! Reina + Skirt = Happy. That’s a mathematical equation it’s hard to argue with. You don’t need to be Einstein to work it out (although old Albert would have readily agreed I’m sure!) Anyway CC Cinderella / Complex is released 11 June with the single V version coming out 25 June. YesAsia have it up for pre-order.

Meanwhile on July 16th there’s a new Kirari Tsukishima starring Kusumi Koharu single being released. It’s rather intriguingly called Pa Pancake. YesAsia again have this up. I do like Koharu but her releases away from Morning Musume have tended to be more for the younger market. I will admit to liking Chance! though. Well it was catchy. Plus this single gives me a chance to post some cute pics! 😀



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