Morning Musume Ranker

I love distractions. Really I do. What would life be like without somewhat pointless detours? A lot less interesting that’s for sure. With that in mind I decided to do the Morning Musume ranker. The AmericanWota site has many such distractions. Want to rank Morning Musume singles? Check. You just want to rank singles from the younger H!P units? Check. Want to rank Hello! Project members? Check. Plus of course you can generate rumours or shuffle units until your hearts content. Hours of fun. Well okay maybe not hours but several minutes at least.

Anyway I decided to do the Morning Musume all members ranker. This is the one for all members past and present. The result?

1 Konno Asami

1 Yaguchi Mari
3 Tanaka Reina

3 Takahashi Ai
5 Yoshizawa Hitomi

6 Iida Kaori
7 Ishikawa Rika

8 Nakazawa Yuko
9 Michishige Sayumi

10 Abe Natsumi
11 Kusumi Koharu
12 Niigaki Risa
13 Fujimoto Miki
14 Li Chun
15 Kago Ai
16 Kamei Eri
17 Tsuji Nozomi
18 Yasuda Kei
19 Qian Lin
20 Mitsui Aika
21 Goto Maki
22 Ishiguro Aya
23 Ogawa Makoto
24 Ichii Sayaka
25 Fukuda Asuka

See? Pointless but fun! Pretty accurate right now too. Certainly the top 4 are spot on although the order could change day to day. The ones lower down the list are mainly members I’m less familiar with. There are no members I actually dislike however.


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