Haromoni 18 May 2008

So another Haromoni. Links to episodes are here by the way. So what’s in store in this weeks show? Well it’s the final of the memory test. Takahashi Lovely versus the panda. But there’s plenty of other features this week too.

First up the obligatory costume pic…

One approves. Pity the video download quality isn’t too good.

Anyway it’s back to the Moutube format this week and first up is Takahashi Lovely surprising Eri with some quiz based foot massage torture…

Eri does seem surprised with it all and it is quite funny. An improvement on previous shows already then.

Next up is an old clip from 2003 of Sayumi, Reina and Eri with Koharu doing voices over it…I think…

It goes down well in the studio anyway.

So onto some Michishige Magic. This week it revolves around a whole lotta shaking…

Not bad actually. Although pretty obvious.

And so it’s the moment you may have been waiting for but probably not. Yes it’s the final of the memory battle. This weeks subject? animals. Mitsui won easily. Hey ho. No pictures because there’s not a lot of interest and you know the drill already.

So another Haromoni is over with. Well it was a bit more varied than the last two weeks. No outsiders in it again as well. This is a good thing. I think it still needs to push itself to be a bit more interesting though. I think this week is a small step in the right direction however. I hope it moves forward a bit more in the coming weeks.


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