Haromoni’s Punky Spectacular 1st June 2008

So it’s another Haromoni. The programme that’s good because of the clothes they wear. Never more so than this week…

I’m sorry but that’s just made of win.

Anyway on with the show proper and first up it’s another guess what Mitsui is making segment…

The answer was a crab which meant Risa, Ai & Reina were correct…

Next up some Risa action that is lost on me…

It went down well in the studio although I’m not sure if JunJun & LinLin knew what was going on.

The next clip was another Kusumi voiceover. This time it was an unexpected blast from the past. A clip from Yasuda Kei’s graduation concert. Takahashi looked so cute back then. She was on the floor crying. Aww. Anyway pics…

Unsurprisingly it’s hard to tell if it’s funny or not when you don’t speak Japanese.

The next section features Kamei Eri, who frankly I’m starting to like more and more. Anyway this segment is Eri versus Michishige in a memory battle but with a special guest in the shape of Satoda Mai thrown in…

This time they are only given 3 minutes to memorise various random items and people. This takes up the whole of the second half of the show and leads to Satoda finishing last and Sayumi being the winner. It seems Reina has laid down a challenge for next weeks show so at least there’ll be some Tanaka treats in store next week.

So overall my thoughts on the show are that the first half went by speedily enough. I think the memory tests are a bit too long though. I’d rather see more short clips of each of the girls. Either that or find some way of having the girls do battle that is more lively than just sitting around a table. I’d quite like the old days back. Remember when they’d be split into teams and would compete in a more lively way? Still this was one of the better Haromoni’s for me. Although that’s mainly because they looked so good!


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