Look Who’s Back – Makoto Ogawa

Apparently after spending two years in New Zealand studying English Makoto is back in H!P and will appear on the June 8th episode of Haromoni…

I can’t wait to hear her speak English. I hope she does on the show. According to a Japanese newspaper Makoto will be restarting her show business career. I wonder what role she’ll have in H!P? Ongaku Gatas maybe? Well apparently according to a translation of the news article on the Hello! Project official site she will at least be in the Elder Club. Here is the translation made by Shindou at the Hello-Online forum…

Hello! Project has an announcement for everyone.
At this time, Ogawa Makoto has restarted her activities as an entertainer.
From now on, she will be active as a member of “Hello! Project Elder Club”.
Furthermore, she will make an appearance on TV Tokyo’s 『Haromoni@』 (12:25~one part regional excluded<?>) on Sunday June 8th.
Please lend your support from hereon.

To all the fans,

HEY! I’m back!!
Everyoooone, Ogawa Makoto has returned.
During my 2 years apart from all of you, I was studying abroad in New Zealand for approximately 1 and a half years.

I departed from Japan in December 2006 and in the beginning, I had a feeling of discouragement from the daily occurrences of being homesick, to not being able to communicate in English. However, the kindness of my host family & local colleagues and above all, believing that the fans in Japan would wait for me led me to work hard at English. As a result, when returning back to my country on December 2007, I was able to obtain TECSOL(qualification to teach children who do not have English as their mother tongue).

In order to upgrade myself further, on February 2008 I again went back to study abroad. When I came back I got a 730 on my TOEIC. This time around I had some time so I went and got qualified to be a barista too!!

And on April 26th, I returned home to everyone. As a powered up version of Ogawa Makoto, I plan to take on and challenge myself with various work.

Let’s once again make many happy memories together♪

Ogawa Makoto


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