Haromoni 8 June 2008

It’s that time again. Yes it’s that time when you wish Hello Morning was still on the air. It’s Haromoni time…

They’re country but they ain’t western.

Photographic evidence that Kusumi has the nicest legs.

Photographic evidence that I was wrong as Sayumi has the nicest legs. So at least Haromoni has been good for one thing.

Anyway Linlin (who has to suffer the only animal ears that aren’t cute) picks out the first item…

The item being a challenge from Reina. Niigaki had to throw a cd over her shoulder into a cd player. Reina has laid a challenge that she can do it in less takes. The other members have to guess if she can or not…

218 attempts and she couldn’t quite do it so Niigaki won. Still at least it gave Reina something to do this week. Plus it gives me a reason to post this…


The next clip is another Kusumi voiceover. This time it’s a clip of Junjun and Linlin. Both of whom look so different even though the clip isn’t that old…

It seemed a bit more muted back in the studio than with previous clips.

After that it’s time for Sayumi to pick a clip of Sayumi doing some magic (like every other week). This girl has self-confidence. The trick isn’t particularly interesting so I’ll just post this cute pic…

And then it’s onto another Niigaki impression that as a non-Japanese person I don’t get. Therefore it’s swiftly onto Mitsui doing a memory challenge. This time she has to remember different types of what look like instant foods. However of most interest is her badge. England Motor Car 1968? How random. 😀

During the studying section she gets to eat some food as this wouldn’t be a Japanese tv programme without someone eating food. I’m convinced there’s some kind of legal obligation to have food being eaten on every show that’s made. Anyway the twist on the memory section is that she has to guess the food by seeing a video of the meal. Like I said legal obligation to show food at every opportunity. Having seen umpteen Japanese shows involving food I have now come to the following conclusions…

1. 99% of Japanese meals involve noodles.

2. 99% of Japanese meals look revolting (well I don’t like noodles).

3. 100% of Japanese eaters orgasm wildly during meals. I mean we’re talking the full Meg Ryan here.

Anyway Mitsui gets all 20 meals right. However the second interesting area here is her other badge…

Yes as well as having an interest in English 1968 motor cars Mitsui also has a passion for junk style furniture from Liverpool. Well it’s good to have a hobby. Although I have no idea just what junk style furniture from Liverpool looks like. The same as junk style furniture from anywhere else? Certainly I spend a lot of time in Liverpool and haven’t noticed any great differences in their furniture. Randomness…you’ve gotta love it!

Anyway the last minute is dedicated to a special guest…

Hopefully we’ll see more of her in an upcoming show. I think she’s doing a memory test at some stage although there was no clip of her in the next week preview section.

So another Haromoni over with. My main thought is that it takes me a long time to do these posts. It stretches a 19 minute programme into an hour! But it’s worth it for the pics. Right? Well either way this weeks show was saved for me by some Reina action, two strange badges and the return of a very healthy loking Makoto.


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