Random Thoughts

I decided to make a post based on all the random little thoughts that have sprung to mind recently. All the things that don’t really deserve a post all to themselves or where I just can’t get round to actually formulating a more in-depth opinion.

So…V-U-Den…How filthy were some of their later videos? I mean really I was shocked. Utter filth. Dirty. I liked them. Especially Okada Yui in Jaja Uma Paradise…

Two great reasons there to like V-U-Den/Biyuden/Who-R-U-Den…Okada Yui and the song Jaja Uma Paradise. What did you think I meant? Oh there are other reasons to like them too. Rika is of course always worth watching. Plus their final single Nanni mo Iwazu ni I Love You is the best farewell song ever and actually better than the MM version. Which is why, even though I said to a charming friend recently that I wouldn’t buy it, I have ordered the Thanks V-U-Den The Full Collection From Debut dvd. Yes farewell V-U-Den and thanks for all the dish.

Currently getting a lot of play on my mp3 player or dvd player are the following…

Sakura Mankai (gorgeous song and gorgeous video).
How do you like this Japan?
Renai Revolution 21 (my all-time fav MM song).
Kanashimi Twilight (great song and hot video).
Iroppoi Jirettai
Resonant Blue
Aruiteru (la la la la la la la la. La la la. La la la la la la la. Aruiteru).
Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (original version and Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari 3 but not Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari 2. Why? Not sure).
Souda! We’re Alive (an all-out battle to see who can steal the pv. Niigaki comes close, Kaori & Yossie have a go too but in the end this pv belongs to Yaguchi).
The Peace
Memory Seishun no Hikari (both original version and Tanaka Reina’s from Best Shot volume 4).
Chance! (for Kusumi is cute and catchy. It’s about the only cutesy H!P song that hasn’t made me want to skewer my eyes out and put red hot pokers in my ears).
Yoshite Yoshite (guess who sings this solo song. Go on guess).
Cha-Cha-Cha (Takahashi Ai on Uta Doki!)
Yuujou (punky Musume. Now this song and the clothes from the recent episode of Haromoni would be good!)

Which brings me neatly onto…

Did Kago ever look more kawaii? This song and video (along with, at the opposite end of the musical spectrum, Shiroi Iro Wa Koibito No Iro) makes me wish she hadn’t been so wayward. W could have had a much longer career. Still I hope Kago is enjoying her new career and I hope she does well.

Final bit of randomness…I want a Morning Musume board game. A bit like Monopoly but with MM members rather than property. One with squares like “you’ve landed on Rika Ishikawa’s square. Take a Charmy card” where you then pick a card up to be told “bad luck! This is V-U-Den’s Aisu Kuriimu to My Purin period Charmy and she has a bad blonde bob. Miss a turn”. Or maybe “miss two goes. Charmy has attacked the referee at a Sports Festival and needs posting bail”. Also how about squares like “you land on a square next to Kaori. Miss a turn while you both communicate”, “you bump into Kusumi in the street. Miss two goes while you give her a tranquilizer”, “Kanashimi Twilight is playing on the tv. It’s your lucky day. Have another throw”, “Fujimoto Miki is giving you the evil eye. Go back 3 places until she’s graduated suddenly”, or maybe “you’ve landed on a Yaguchi Sexy BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM. Go forward 6 spaces”. It’d be great. Honest.


4 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. An MM board game would be completely awesome.

    Since UFA is unlikely to do so, why not make your own?


    (I find it ultra-hilarious that the sample version they have pics of on the site is called Johnson-opoly. Perhaps Ishibashi made it?) XD

    Btw, just found your blog via Intl Wota, it seems interesting. I think I shall put a link to it on my own. 🙂

  2. Heh. A make your own board game site. Such a simple concept but clever even so. I think it’d be fun making the game as well as playing it!

  3. Nice blog u have, i like your randomness, specially Okada Yui hahaha, nice pics u post,
    and about the MM Board Game i would definitly go to Japan just to buy it if there were one, specially i’d like them to include the Sexy Beeeeeeeeam [sorry dunno how many e i missed)
    see ya!

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