H!P Girls Part 5 – Kamei Eri

Yes…more pictures. Well it makes it worth your while to have come here…hopefully.

I have to admit it took me a while to notice Eri. She seems to be the quiet one in MM in a lot of ways but I gravitate towards the quieter type normally so that’s no bad thing. Maybe I was just too smitten with Konno to have noticed Eri sooner than I did. Recently though I’ve been watching lots of subbed Hello! Morning episodes as well as subbed Alo-Hello episodes (sounds like a crap sitcom), Love-Hello episodes and of course any Utaban MM episodes I can find (I really want to find a subbed version of their Renai Revolution 21 appearance more than anything right now, but I digress). Watching Eri’s Love-Hello dvd and her appearances on Hello! Morning (especially the roller-coaster Hello News segments) I started to become far more aware of her personality. At the same time I started to become aware of how well she has grown over the years. It’s surprisingly easy to overlook but Eri is actually very attractive. Add to that her somewhat outside the box personality and you have someone quite unique in Morning Musume. She isn’t larger than life like, say, KUSUMI bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce KOHARU (who, by the way, I really like. I really don’t understand all the hate for her). She also doesn’t have a slightly exaggerated personality gimmick like, say, Sayumi kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii aren’t I kawaii Michishige (who I also like a lot and find very amusing…this isn’t actually criticism). Neither does she have the bolshy attitude or sexy clothes style of Reina or the strong competitiveness of Junjun. What she does have is a personality that is warm, endearing, just slightly vulnerable, slightly left-field, strangely humorous and very believable. Actually that could also describe one of my favourite members, Takahashi Ai too. In certain ways Eri is the girl next door idol. That’s no bad thing. Who wouldn’t want to live next door to a girl like her? I think that also makes her the perfect girlfriend idol too for who wouldn’t want to be in love with the perfect girl next door type? Spending the day indoors with Eri would be bliss. Yeah it took a while for me to notice her. It crept up slowly. But then she is a turtle (I know, I know. Terrible pun. In the word’s of Makoto “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”). 😀

Yeah, yeah pics. Some of my favourites are below. I’m trying the gallery option today. Click on a pic and then click on it again on the next screen and you’ll get the (gloriously) full-size version…


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