New Purchases – V-U-Den dvd collection & Michishige Sayumi PB

It’s been a good week. It’s always a good week when you come home twice in a few days to find parcels from overseas. The first such parcel contained V-U-Den’s wonderfully named THANK’S v-u-den THE FULL COLLECTION FROM DEBUT dvd (I’m using the capitalization from the front of the box in case you’re wondering)…

Wonderful in name and wonderful in contents. Yes you get all 10 of their single pv’s plus 12 alternative versions (mainly dance versions). My favourite pv’s are for Koisuru Angel Heart, Jaja Uma Paradise and Issai Gassai Anata ni A-Ge-Ru. The dance versions of those last two videos are hot, hot and hot! Mainly because of sexy images like…

And of course as mentioned in a previous post…

The dance moves in Jaja Uma Paradise get me everytime. The girls look gorgeous too. I think Okada Yui is my favourite H!P non-Morning Musume member right now. Yui and Rika together make good viewing and I feel like I’m being mean to Miyoshi Erika by overlookng her! Of course that’s not half as mean as I’m being to V-U-Den’s music by overlooking that in this post. V-U-Den really were class through and through. Very strong musically by H!P standards. I’ve tended to find there’s as much that I don’t really like as there is that I do really like in the H!P musical world. For every two MM singles I like there will be one I don’t. Away from MM I think the ratio is more in favour of don’t likes than do likes. But with V-U-Den there’s none of that. Just class. I think I mentioned in a previous post how great their farewell single Nanni mo Iwazu ni I Love You is. The last minute of it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. But every other single is good too and so is their debut (and sadly final) album Suite Room Number 1. V-U-Den will be gone but not forgotten. And this dvd release is a good way of ensuring that. I got mine through the iluvhelloproject eBay shop. 😉

So that was parcel one. Parcel two meanwhile had Michishige’s last photobook Soso enclosed. I haven’t had a chance to check out the dvd that came with it but if it’s as good as the pictures in the book (and I’m sure it will be) then I’m in for a treat! Sayumi was the first H!P girl I noticed and although I quickly noticed many more I still have a big soft spot for her. Mainly because I find her personality so funny and likeable. That and her legendary (in her eyes) cuteness too of course. Okay she can do the ‘aren’t I kawaii’ bit a bit too much in interviews sometimes but she is entertaining. Although maybe not always in the way she thinks she is…she can be funny without realising it sometimes. Anyway getting back to the pb it’s (as you’d expect) a thing of beauty. Sayumi really shines when given the chance (just look at her cameo “help me” in the Resonant Blue pv) and she sure shines here. So as is customary below is a selection of my favourite pics…

Gorgeous. This photobook is anything but so-so. Yes I know it’s another terrible pun but it’s also true!


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