Haromoni 22 June 2008

So another Haromoni. Links to direct downloads are here by the way. Alternatively if you want different sizes then the tracker here is good.

No screencaps at the moment as the quality isn’t too good so just a quick run through of the episode. However if you want pics then these are official ones showing their look for this episode…

Anyway first up is Niigaki trying to throw a paper aeroplane to a classmate. It’s the now usual guess-how-many-takes version of these Risa or Eri clips, with punishment clip for those who got it wrong.

Next up is a long section with Junjun and Linlin involving food. Yes a section featuring food. Something rarely seen on Japanese tv. This is followed by a question about the food for the other members. The ones who get the question right get to eat some of the food featured. Did I say food enough? Ho hum.

Then it’s time for Takahashi to enter the arena and take on the memory quiz. This week the subject is food. I know. Food. Food on a Japanese tv programme. It’s hard to believe isn’t it? Anyway after the quiz everyone gets to eat some food.

Following the food it’s time for the punishment clip. It’s the usual balloon thing. Then there’s just time to show the complete Niigaki aeroplane clip and that’s it for another week. I can’t say it was the most entertaining show I’ve seen. Probably one of the least interesting in truth. There was only really the Niigaki clip that held any real interest for me. Here’s hoping for something more next week.


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