H!P Girls part 10 – Kusumi Koharu

Much maligned she may be but Kusumi has an energy and personality that you can’t ignore. Like her or loathe her (and for me it’s like) this girl is certainly no wallflower. Okay so at times her personality can best be summed up with the words “nurse, the tranquilisers” but I like that. You can’t help but be won over by her enthusiasm. Okay I can’t help but be won over by her enthusiasm. Kusumi is the perfect mad little sister. Her coordination can be all over the place and she can act like what we would have called back in my school days ‘a spaz’ (but that’s not pc anymore) and on top of that her voice isn’t really the best but you know what? I don’t care. Whenever she turns up I smile. Sometimes I even laugh. Sometimes I’m even watching Haromoni and laughing. One of the episodes where she did a memory test she entered the studio with so much energy you could hear her coming way before the camera picked her out. Frankly the episode had been boring up until that point. Mentally I cheered when she came on. She was a breath of fresh air. Perfect mad little sister.

The online community can be a place where negative comments are the loudest (a bit like the real world). Sometimes it can feel like Kusumi is really hated. Of course not living in Japan it’s easy to forget that Kusumi is probably the most popular MM member in years. Just look at the sales of her solo singles. Don’t want to look? Tough. Here they are…

Koi☆Kana 38,650 12
Balalaika 72,709 8
Happy☆彡 57,278 2
Chance! 47,057 9

That compares very favourably with Morning Musume during the same period. In fact MM’s last number 1 Aruiteru (a great song which thoroughly deserved the number 1 spot) only sold 55,694 overall. Two of Kusumi’s singles have sold more (even if her highest ranking single only got to number 2). In fact Balalaika has sold more copies than any MM single since Iroppoi Jirettai. So there. Anyway it’s my blog so if I want to claim she’s great then for the purposes of this post she’s great! 😉 Also, despite the fact I’m not actually that fussed on her solo material, Chance is the exception. Chance is a great catchy pop song.

When it comes to looks Kusumi definitely has her charm. The girl with the the prettiest eyes in MM is also one of the tallest. That height helps as even when having to wear the awful clothes she (and the rest of MM) have to wear during live performances she can look quite striking at times. You can see all the potential she still has to really mature into a beautiful woman. A pretty face, big smile, lovely eyes and tall (by Japanese standards) Kusumi is becoming someone with a unique beauty. Oh and I can’t talk about her prettiness without mentioning the red dress from the second half of the Chance pv. I always think ‘wow’ when I see her in that. Kusumi is getting prettier as she grows up.  She’ll only continue to get prettier too.

Kusumi has a charm that comes from being her own positive, energetic, sweet and ever so slightly completely bonkers self. So with her 16th birthday fast approaching (15th July) I’d like to say happy 16th birthday Kusumi. I hope it’s a great day and you continue to dazzle with your smile and energy for many years to come.


2 responses to “H!P Girls part 10 – Kusumi Koharu

  1. I really like Kusumi Chan, she is kawaii, and she was the best thing to do for MM, althou she does not have the best voice. but i don’t like most of her solos, as you i like chance! as well, but the others sound so childish, in fact, i like more Futari ha NS more. anyway, she is here to stay, wether we like her or not, but the fact is that she will be super hot when she turns 18+ [or 20+ in jp]

  2. And as it’s now the 15th in Japan Koharu is now sweet 16. Aww. How cute.

    I feel old though!

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