Abe Natsumi Graduation Clip – Furusato

Abe Natsumi Graduation – Furusato

Graduation concerts are always tearful but never more so than during this performance of Furusato. It’s really touching to see how upset Kaori, Yaguchi, Takahashi, Kago, Rika and the rest are during this song. Morning Musume gives a feeling of family (fittingly) during this performance. From Abe’s patting of Kago’s head to Yossie’s comforting arms around Rika and Kago’s shoulders to Yaguchi’s hug at the end there’s a real sense of love. Even the sixth generation seem affected with Sayumi also joining in with the mass crying. This is one of Morning Musume’s best songs and it was such a fitting graduation song for Abe. It’s a beautiful song as it is. Throw in an emotionally charged concert and it becomes even more special. Having found this video I just had to post it. This is prime-era MM and it’s wonderful to see.


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