Haromoni 20 July 2008

So it’s time for yet another Haromoni. Link to direct download here. There are also two recently subbed episodes available from the tracker here. Anyway today’s clothes theme is unflattering beachwear…

Up first is another doing things backwards clip. This time it’s Eri in a bedroom. She has to flip her slippers over her shoulder while lying on her bed. Well you can end up doing some strange things in a bedroom but normally they are more fun. Anyway they have to guess if she can do it in less than 100 takes and she does. Koharu got it wrong. Nobody really cares. This section stopped working a while ago when they made it into a game show…

The next clip is a Junjun news presentation. I have no idea what it’s about but it seems to involve Sayumi & Lovely. Junjun looks very sexy in a suit though. The camera seems to agree judging from some of the shots…

And so it’s onto a Lovely foot massage section. This week’s victim is Kusumi..

After which it’s the dreaded memory test. This week’s victim is the viewers like with every other week. This week’s participant is Mitsui. The subject…food. No, seriously. Who’d have guessed. Anyway she does it successfully and everyone eats. Including Niigaki whose food is presumably very spicy judging by her reaction…

After that there’s just time for Niigaki to do an impression of two Japanese entertainers due to some split screen trickery…

And that’s it except for the next week preview. It looks like there’s some Reina & Sayumi to look forward to which is something…

So another show over and done with. Having seen some subbed episodes recently I’m aware that you do of course miss out on a lot if you don’t speak Japanese. At the same time the memory test sections are still boring and the format still isn’t as good as with Hello! Morning. But we are stuck with this format and at least the show now concentrates on the girls. I just wish they were given a format that was more entertaining.


8 responses to “Haromoni 20 July 2008

  1. Somebody is now subbing these episodes on the tracker at Hello! Online. This does make a difference to the entertainment on offer. I now know that the Junjun news clip is really putting people in the studio on the spot as live experts on random matters. Not that funny but at least the sexy panda gets some screen time. Oh and the Takahashi feet massage thing gives you pleasurable sensations if you answer the question right and painful ones if you get the answer wrong. The memory test is still really boring of course.

  2. More subs are good subs. Maybe if we don’t tell them the memory tests are boring, they won’t notice and continue to sub stuff for us? *looks hopeful*

  3. Or they can stop subbing the memory tests and sub more of the other bits from earlier episodes. After all who really cares who made a particular brand of food or what it’s ingredients are. 😉

  4. Well, if I had my way, they’d be subbing the rest of the Hello Morning Theater Skits before they did anything else. That, and the first episode of the original Hello!Morning…honestly, why hasn’t that been subbed yet? It’s, like, history or something! 😉

  5. I’d start with Hello! Morning and work through in order. Oh and fit in any Utaban’s that haven’t been done yet too. Well either that or I could attempt to learn Japanese. I’d love to be able to speak it but I’ve never exactly excelled at foreign languages.

  6. Yes, that. That would be good, let’s have them do that! 😉

    I do want to learn Japanese as well. But I want to be able to learn to speak, read, and write it all at the same time. Most computer programs I’ve seen focus on the speaking, most books focus on the reading…I want something to combine the two effectively…

  7. I wouldn’t be so bothered with learning to read Japanese. Mainly because I doubt I’d be able to make head nor tail of the characters. Mind you I think in order to speak Japanese I’d probably need a brain transplant so it makes no difference either way. 😉

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