Koharu Dairy Photobook – Some Pics

I came across a few pics from Kusumi’s new pb and thought I’d share them…

Got to say that those pics are sexy. It’s a look that can’t really fail. The most womanly (as in older looking) Koharu has been so far. Hmm…I’m not sure I’m explaining that quite right. I just mean that for the first time Koharu has done sexy.

Whereas in those pics she’s done kawaii. I like the glasses.

And there we have kooky.

So where were the pics of her milking cows? Or maybe driving a milk cart? I feel cheated. They could have at least given us a milk maiden costume or something. 😉

If you want to purchase this release YesAsia have free international shipping. Mind you they may charge more for the actual product than some other sellers so it all balances up in the end really.


2 responses to “Koharu Dairy Photobook – Some Pics

  1. This look is unusual for Koharu, but I must admit, it does look GOOOOD on her. I don’t know that I’d want her dressing like that first set of pics *all* the time, but every once in awhile wouldn’t be half that bad… 😉

  2. I think for a photoshoot it’s okay to dress like that as generally you are getting a whole set of different styles. So there’s more mature pics mixed in with cuter ones. You get to see different sides of the personality on show. As long as the girl is happy to do it it’s all good. And really…those pics ARE all good.

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