Haromoni@ 3 August 2008

Da da da da da da daaaa it’s Haromoni. This weeks theme…

A kind of summery one then. Anyway first up it’s the GakiKam section. This week it’s Eri and she has to throw a book over her shoulder into it’s place on the shelf. Can she do it in less than 100 tries? Well she managed it after 63 but the book was the wrong way around. After nearly 300 tries she gets a little massage. A short while later on the 297th take she is successful. It’s quite amusing to hear a round of applause from outside. When she goes to the window she sees Niigaki, who has been filming the hangers section that was shown the week before, applauding her. Then as a reward she gets to eat…

In all honesty I don’t see the point in this section. It’s torture to watch and must be even worse to perform. And for what? When you just saw the successful take it had a bit of wow factor, but when you see take after take it becomes boring. The whole guess if it takes more or less than 100 tries thing doesn’t really work either. There’s no real forfeit and it just doesn’t hold any interest.

With the Eri clip going on for so long we are now already halfway through the show. The next clip is Linlin doing the Chinese news section that Junjun had done the time before. This time it’s Eri (hasn’t she suffered enough?) and Reina who get put on the spot…

From this it’s straight onto the memory test. There’s not even any reaction shown back in the studio to the news clip. And so the memory test starts and it’s Mitsui having to memorise food. Yeah, who’d have thought it. Food. Anyway there’s tears right from the start as the normally confident one seems somewhat apprehensive. There are smiles at the end though as she manages to struggle through to a successful conclusion. With that they all get to eat…

The next week preview shows some pretty clothes and another Sayumi & Eri walking around clip and that’s it over with for another week…

I have to say that I think this was one of the weaker episodes. Basically all we got was Eri struggling through the GakiKam clip, a Linlin news section and a memory test. There was very little that was edifying about this show. For a programme that likes to include food in it’s programmes so much you’d think they would find something a bit meatier for the girls to sink their teeth into.


5 responses to “Haromoni@ 3 August 2008

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  2. When the GakiKamei Art-o Segments debuted, they were magical. Now I just feel sorry for the girls. I like the show in general (though it could be much better than it is), but they totally ruined the magic of those Art-o segments… 😦

  3. Like I said in my post when you just see the successful take there’s a ‘how did they do that’ element to it and it does work. The one where the tv got turned off via a ball being thrown against a wall and then hitting the remote was great. However now it’s boring to watch and I feel sorry for the girls being made to do something so annoying and – considering the lack of entertainment it provides – so pointless.

  4. Must see? I think that’s the first time I’ve seen those words used in conjunction with Haromoni. :p

    Personally I found the Junjun one better. Mainly for the ‘interesting’ camera angles.

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