H!P Girls part 13 – Momoko Tsugunaga

With Yui I went for just one word, ‘minx’ but with Momoko I think ‘pixie’, ‘kawaii’ and ‘adorable’ would probably be the words to repeat over and over again. With her elfin looks and perky mannerisms Momoko is just so damn loveable. Who could fail to be won over by her pixie-like adorable kawaiiness? (See? Told you). Watching the Jin, Jin, Jingisu Kan. Hei burazā, ho burazā, nice b…sorry. Watching the Jingisu Kan pv somehow my attention is always directed towards her during the dance sequences. She’s so tiny but just so perfect. It’s something to do with the way she moves. Her mannerisms are always just so lovely. So full of energy with little zipping movements. In the close-up shots too she never fails to raise a smile. Then there’s the dvd magazine cooking contest clip where Momoko starts asking lots of questions of what the person judging the cooking likes to eat (whilst ignoring half of the answers if they don’t tie in with what she likes), eventually getting a clip over the back of the head off Inaba Atsuko for her troubles. Momoko’s attitude was endearingly funny, lively and adorable in a pixie-like kawaii kind of way (like I said, told you). She came to the front of the feature and shined. Something she’s never afraid to do. She has a lot of personality in that petite frame. Maybe she’s the next Yaguchi Mari (although she’s already a few centimeters taller).

Momoko is certainly regarded highly enough within H!P what with her Buono duties alongside the Berryz work (oh and I love her in the Buono Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! pv) and then there’s her DogaDoga7 work too. I’ve linked to it before in an earlier post but this clip of her speaking English is just the cutest thing ever. I want to adopt! There’s something just so refreshing and heartwarming about her. I suppose in a world full of cynicism, hatred, violence and overwhelming negativity when somebody comes along who is so pixie-like, kawaii and adorable it’s just so refreshing. H!P manages to produce a lot of girls like that but there are few who do what they do as well as Momoko. There are few who stand out so well. She has something quite special about her. She’s like the ideal little sister. Funny, sweet, lively and loveable and with a personality unique to her. Nick Cave sang that it’s beauty that is gonna save the world now (and I’m not sure how many times you are going to come across a blog post that name checks Nick Cave and Momoko Tsugunaga – or any other H!P singer for that matter – so really you should enjoy this). Well when it comes to personality there’s nobody quite so adorable, quite so kawaii, quite so pixie-like, quite so beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Momoko Tsugunaga. Bow before her for she is your new leader. She can save you all.

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