Haromoni@ 10 August 2008

So after a little delay here’s the review picspam of the last but one Haromoni@ episode. The look for this show…

Due to the Olympics starting in Beijing we get traditional Chinese dress. I always love the traditional style dress. So beautiful. Junjun is asked to say a cute phrase in Chinese after which she gets a very backhanded compliment from the host. Her reaction to which is cute and funny…

Anyway the first item this week is Niigaki trying to slide a waste paper bin towards the middle of the room while the ‘father’ throws a handkerchief over his shoulder into the bin. Will she do it in more or less than 100 takes? The host is quite funny here teasing that if anyone gets the number exactly right they get a holiday to Canada. This is a throwback to an earlier show where Sayumi couldn’t decide whether to guess 69 or 96 before finally choosing 69. Then by a remarkable coincidence it took Eri exactly 96 takes to do her throwing thing. The host joked that Sayumi would have had a 2 month vacation if she had guessed correctly. I have to say that in this weeks clip Niigaki looks damn pretty. Straight hair really suits her and I love the clothes (especially the skirt. Ahem)…

There’s a bit of humour in this clip with the host skitting at the father being tired when he’s just lying there. Ultimately it took 69 takes leaving Reina just one away with her guess of 68. I don’t particularly like seeing all the takes but at least there was some humour this week. I still think it’s a bit boring seeing take after take though.

Next up is the Mitsui Temakizushi section. What will she make this week? The humour mainly comes from Sayumi & Eri. Sayumi’s guess of futuristic traffic lights is picked up on and fun is poked. Better than that though is Eri’s guess of a tiger. Nothing wrong with that but the picture she had drawn…

Umm…anyway the answer was a horse and Reina not for the first time was correct…

Onto the next clip and it’s Sayumi and Eri’s idiot section. This is basically them walking around looking great but showing their lack of knowledge on various subjects…

Eri pulls a curse which raises a laugh but otherwise this section is not too entertaining this week.

So it’s onto the dreaded Memory Test, this time with Junjun. She has to memorise 15 types of canned food. Food? Really? Oh you know the drill…

I love the beginning where when she is asked how she feels she shows how she just wants to get on with it (quickly, quickly). Oh also her pronunciation of fruit cake is adorable (frruit cakey). At the end she does several bounces of joy and I have much love for Junjun. It can’t be easy memorising all this stuff, especially when it’s a language you are still learning. It’s still somewhat boring to watch as a segment though but at least this one had cuteness aplenty. Anyway there then followed the usual scenes of eating and then it was on to a behind the scenes look at the Cinderella musical. Screencaps of which are in one of my previous posts. I will just say that Niigaki had good cause to ask if Eri is an idiot. If you get the subtitled version I’m sure you’ll laugh too.

Overall I must say that this is probably one of the more enjoyable episodes. There are enough flashes of humour (a lot admittedly being from the unseen host) and Junjun gets to take centre stage a bit. In fact I’d say Junjun is the star this week. Deservedly.


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