Yo-Yo Girl Cop released on dvd in UK 22 September 2008

So Sukeban Deka Codename Asamiya Saki (or Yo-Yo Girl Cop as it’s known in the west) is being released here in the UK on dvd in September. It is probably the only time any UK-based H!P fans will be able to buy something even vaguely H!P related in the UK. I have never seen the film before but I have pre-ordered from HMV. Well it does feature all of V-U-den so how could I refuse? Oh and of course it’s main star is Aya Matsuura, whose character has to go undercover to expose a deadly terrorist plot hatched by lesbian suicide bombers. With a plot like that how can you not want to see it?


5 responses to “Yo-Yo Girl Cop released on dvd in UK 22 September 2008

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  2. I knew that it would eventually turn up on DVD over here, but it’s certainly taken it’s time. Lol, how sad am I that I’m really looking forward to popping into HMV on my lunch break and buying this when it comes out.
    The really great thing about this release is that it looks to come with all the bonus material as the Japanese release, can’t wait to actually see this with subtitles! Wonder if it also has some really poor dubbing to go with it as well :S

  3. Dubbing is sacrilege where V-U-den are concerned. How could anyone possibly dub Charmy and do her justice?

  4. I watched it subbed, and I don’t like to do that with movies or anime. Normally. But it felt sacrilegious to want to listen to someone else doing our girls’ voices, like it just wouldn’t be right.

    Afterward though, I did sneak a listen to a bit of the dub, just out of curiosity. The language was toned down a bit in the scene I sampled, but the voices fit as well as they could, I suppose. Like you say, no one could *really* do them justice. In the end, it’s more or less what you would expect the dub to be…not as good.

    Was really pleased that the “Making of” Featurette was subtitled, though. That was a really pleasant and thoughtful gesture on the DVD company’s part. 🙂

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