Haromoni@ 31 August 2008

Not many shows left now. This weeks look…

First up is Gaki as a cleaner throwing a cleaning spray. I wished the cleaners where I work were as beautiful…

She spends most of the first few minutes cleaning up her own misses but it ends up being one of the quicker ones taking just 12 attempts.

Up next it’s the Sayumi and Eri idiot section. This time they are at a fair. They do get to go on a roller coaster which brings back memories of giant pink rabbits to me…

Next what’s Mitsui making? A better question would be what are the girls drawing?

Reina (looking particularly foxy today) yet again answered correctly…

Talking of Reina, she now has a new section with Koharu. Quite frankly seeing them sitting together in the studio the only thing my mind is thinking is ‘down boy’…

Anyway the section has them playing that Jankenpyon (sic) type game where the loser each round has to put headgear on before being hit. If you fail then you lose the game. This brings back happy memories of Hello! Morning. Hmm, Sayumi & Eri on a roller coaster and now Reina and Koharu in competition? I hereby officially proclaim this episode the closest in spirit to Hello! Morning and therefore the best episode of Haromoni there has yet been. Well maybe. Back to the competition and it’s a best of 3. Reina wins the first and then baby Gitface gets whacked from both of them, which is definitely a year and a half of wish fulfilment for both the members and the viewers. After this Reina storms to a 3-0 victory…

There then follows a forfeit for Kusumi. However they have thought up something a little more fun than bursting balloons…

A bit of bald shopping there. So that’s the show over with and mainly for that last segment I found it one of the more enjoyable ones. A truly entertaining programme would feature competitions and some zaniness and the last segment alone had both so it’s a thumbs up from me. Now if only they could spread that vibe to the rest of the show.

The next week preview shows the girls looking great…

Sadly it also shows the return of the memory test (featuring Koharu). When will they learn? Presumably never as the programme has nearly ran it’s course. The music playing out at the end is Come Together, the next Ongaku Gatas single. I hope they do a performance for Haromoni before it finishes.


2 responses to “Haromoni@ 31 August 2008

  1. I kinda doubt they’ll do a performance of Come Together. If you’ll notice, they didn’t let C-ute do a performance of their latest single either, which is a shame because I loved that one. Still, perhaps it’s for the best, since the remaining episodes can devote more screentime to the girls themselves.

    Ye gods, Risa looked hawt in that cleaning lady outfit. I honestly don’t think I would’ve minded if that segment had been a lot longer… 😉

  2. Risa has been looking great during the last few chucking stuff segments. The two prior ones where she is in a house she just looked perfect.

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