H!P Girls part 17 – Niigaki Risa

As I draw towards the end of my picspam series featuring my favourite H!P members (at most only one or two people left to cover) I come to the final current Morning Musume member I’m likely to feature. I think the exact moment I became a fan of Gaki was when I watched a subbed Matthew’s Best Hit Television show that featured her with Konkon. Now Konno is pretty much my favourite member (well it’s a tug of war between her and Yaguchi) so when I settled down to watch the show I never expected to spend more time being won over by Risa than I spent enjoying Konno. But I did. This was a show from 2002, so both Konno & Risa were still very young. Konno was very sweet and happy throughout but Risa was such a pro. She was full of energy and absolutely stole the show. She was almost manic and totally suited the type of programme it was. Frankly she was great. Very funny and completely adorable.

Fast forward to the present day and what do we have now? Well Risa has calmed down quite a bit as you’d expect but she’s still the reaction queen. She is also very beautiful. Plus she seems the most level-headed of the members. The members themselves have made reference to this on several occasions but it’s also been evident through tv appearances. Now don’t get me wrong I love Takahashi, she’s probably my favourite current member, but I don’t think she has the best leadership skills. That’s not actually a criticism as I love her personality and don’t want her to change. But during their last appearance on Utaban while promoting Resonant Blue, when the hosts were telling the girls that a kid on a skateboard would be jumping over them, Takahashi was heading forward to take her place on the floor. Who was grabbing her arm and being the sensible, smells a joke one? Niigaki. During Alo-Hello 2 when Niigaki was paired with Yossie and they had to find their own way back to the waiting Miki Fujimoto at base who was the one in control? It was definitely, undeniably not Yossie. Risa was by far the more sensible. They had been given money to make their way back to base but they had to also buy presents too. Yossie as usual gave off an air of knowing what she was doing. Yossie, as seemed often the case, really didn’t. She was quite prepared to spend all the money on a taxi. As it is Risa just managed to control her (just who was the senpai here?) but even so they ended up in a situation where they had to borrow money off Miki at the end of the day and the presents they ended up with thanks to Yossie weren’t exactly great. Throughout it though Risa showed her maturity, keeping Yossie mostly in check and also showing her impeccable attitude and humour as well. The happy girl just keeps on smiling. Ultimately I think Risa has what it takes to make a great leader of MM. I’m not sure if it’ll happen though as she’s just as likely to leave before Takahashi as vice versa. I certainly don’t want either to leave anytime soon anyway. I think together though they make a good leadership duo.

As a person Niigaki has everything an idol needs. Beauty, a good nature, a shed-load of energy, a vibrant personality and a healthy dose of humour make her stand out whenever she’s on screen. She always had the personality as shown on various tv shows. Whether it be on Matthew’s Best Hit TV or the idiot girl and crap girl tests, she’s had her moments in the spotlight. She was very funny during the idiot girl test and showed good humour while doing slightly better in the crap girl test. She was only young during the idiot girl test which may explain her lack of knowledge. Either way she now has something you really cannot learn at any school…common sense. But its her looks that have really come on over the years. That the young teen with the cutely odd shaped face has matured into someone so visually gorgeous is a happy plus point. I hear a lot of people talking about how beautiful Takahashi is or how sexy Reina is. The same can be said for Sayumi and Eri too (well I mention the 4 of them all the time myself. They are all beautiful). There’s also no shortage of Koharu fans around. Sometimes it seems Risa is overlooked. She really shouldn’t be. This is an idol who has no shortcomings. Frankly she has a beautiful personality and an equally beautiful figure. Here are the pics to prove it. 😉

All the above pictures are from Happy girl. One of the most visually stunning photobooks any MM member has done. The photobook prior to that also had some great pics though…


2 responses to “H!P Girls part 17 – Niigaki Risa

  1. If I were to buy any of the photobooks, I think Risa’s last two or three would be near the top of the list. She’s really strikingly beautiful in all of her photos, and I’d be proud to have her volumes on my bookshelf. (Other girls I’d want PBs of include Aichan, Mari, and Eri…at least, those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. And Junjun, if they’d let her make one, that is…)

  2. I have an Eri pb and a Mari one, Eri’s Love Hello and Mari’s Love Hello one that the Utaban hosts used to skit at a lot. I kind of think though that pb’s should have pictures that reflect the individual personality a bit. Well that and lots of sexy pictures too obviously. Eri’s does the job well (there’s a picture of her posing next to a turtle statue that I love) but I was a little disappointed at Mari’s. A big part of Mari’s appeal is her energy and humour and I felt that was lacking from her pb. Although the pics I’ve seen from her earlier pb’s seem to maybe have more of that kind of thing. At the same time Mari does look great in the Love Hello pb. It’s just I miss her smile. There are only one or two pics that show her smiling but it’s those pics that stand out.
    As for my wishlist Niigaki is high up there and I would like to see Junjun get one. I’m also finding my love of Rika Ishikawa growing as I belatedly find that V-U-den are brilliant. I also really want some Reina pb’s though too. Oh and I’d love Lovely to grow her hair a bit longer and then do one. She’s just so adorably pretty with long hair. Then there’s Okada Yui. Hmm…I think I need a lotto win!

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