2009 Calendars

The Morning Musume 2009 calendar is now available to preorder. Here is a picture of the front cover…

I like the colour scheme. There’s something very classy about white.  The girls all look very pretty as you’d expect although I’m not a big fan of Linlin’s current hair style (or Takahashi’s quite similar one). Mind you Sayumi looks like she’s cultivating a beehive. She’s taking the USA-chan Peace thing too far. She looks like she’s trying out for the B-52’s or Voice of the Beehive. Come to think of it I don’t think Niigaki or Mitsui look at their best either. There’s an air of a school picture or family portrait about the cover. All a bit tidy. I wonder if Tsunku was waiting behind the camera with a comb and some spit?

Oh I will say that Eri, Reina, Kusumi and Junjun all look lovely. I still like the cover. There is an elegance to it both in clothes and setting. The clothes are also a million times better than the kind of costumes they have to endure on stage. But I wonder if the 6 members at the back are happy? The Resonant Blue trio are at the front after all.

Meanwhile (not so) old baby face is also releasing a calendar

I think Abe is maturing well but I find the cover a bit bland. There’s no pleasing some people is there? Well to me Abe is all about the smile. Her face lights up when she’s smiling. That’s what I’d like from an Abe cover in order to entice me in.


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