Random stuff and Nonsense

I’ve found myself with far too much time on my hands this week. Thus I’ve ended up thinking random nonesense about H!P. Silly pointless questions and random abstract thoughts. Like which MM member is most likely to hit someone? I came to the conclusion that the answer is Kaori if on Utaban, Rika if at a sports festival and Yuko if age is mentioned. Also does Yaguchi ever rest? She appears on so many tv shows it’s unbelievable. I mean as well as the programmes she presents she seems to pop up everywhere. Just check out this site if you don’t believe me. It’s updated all the time with new guest tv appearances from everyone’s favourite miniature sexy beam provider. The Gooch really does work hard. So being as my blog doesn’t have much of a point to it anyway I thought I’d render it just that bit more pointless…

Which H!P member would be best suited to British stardom? I think Okada Yui. She’s buxom, sexy and silly. Oh and she could probably have you killed. She’s the Japanese Barbara Windsor. I demand the Japanese remake some Carry On films. Carry On Nurse sounds good to me. Can’t think why I’d want to see her in a nurses uniform though.

Meanwhile I’m wondering if the girls are being fed enough? Mitsui looks like she fancies a Chinese.

Oh and are they pushing the members in too many different directions? People are saying they’ve been looking tired. Just how many different skills does an idol need?

I’ve been thinking of taking up tennis again. I wonder where I can find a mixed doubles partner?

Why do I think that these pictures are wrong on just so many levels? Cute she may be but I mean really

What decade is it? The 1970’s?

The 1870’s?

I’ve thought of a way in which Scooby & Scrappy Doo could be brought back and improved..

Must be time for a Sayumi snack…

All utter nonsense of course. But then this is a H!P related blog. Have you heard the last Berryz Koubou single?


3 responses to “Random stuff and Nonsense

  1. Actually, I could easily see Yui being one of Benny Hill’s girls or taking Carol Cleveland’s role in an updated version of Monty Python… 😉

  2. Heh. There’s a brilliant bit in one of the behind the scenes clips from a concert dvd where Yui is asked to do something sexy for the camera and she does this really funny (and sexy) little move while putting on a girlish sexy voice. Then she turns round and two younger girls behind her (possibly eggs or maybe members of C-ute. I can never tell the difference) look so shocked. Then they run away. 😀 It’s brilliant.

    I tried to find the clip recently but can’t find it. I think I got it from Veoh but my external hd died a while ago so presumably it was on that. Yui though…she’s great.

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