A weird H!P dream

I’m not one to take much notice of dreams but last night I had one that seemed really long and somewhat mental. I’d not normally bother writing about such things but it was so lengthy and has stuck in my head so what the heck. Basically I was a Tsunku type working at a rival record company. I had complete control over all the idol units. I could speak Japanese fluently although for some odd reason my dream was all in English, a bit like with those 60’s and 70’s war films where everyone speaks Englsh in a mock German accent. Strange that. The first quarter of the dream involved me dealing with Okada Yui. Only it wasn’t that Okada Yui it was a different 16 year old Okada Yui who looked exactly like the H!P Yui when she was younger. We spend a lot of time discussing how to create an idol image for her as her real personality is not one for an idol to have. She’s always biting her tongue in front of management and looking annoyed and I’ve heard her bitching in the canteen. So we map out the next two years and how we will change her image, giving her better hair and making her more comfortable in front of cameras until we can make her into a sex kitten type. Also we spend a lot of time flirting and I keep thinking about how sexy she will eventually become. I decide to put her in a 3 girl unit and their first two singles do quite well but then they are photographed coming out of a bar drunk. I decide that rather than sacking them for underage drinking that a better idea would be to have them appear in a 6 part tv documentary meeting alcoholics and people who have suffered in life through stepping outside the law (people in prison, homeless drug addicts and so on. The dream is a bit vague on who these people actually are). By meeting these people they find a new respect for the laws of Japan and realise how their actions in everyday life can positively or negatively impact upon others. That done they then become a successful unit again and their third single can be released. Also Yui starts working part-time as a volunteer in a soup kitchen (like I said, weird).

Next up I’m being interviewed on a tv chat show and I’m talking about how it’s a shame Goto Maki’s career stalled after she’d left H!P (her comeback with another company was unsuccessful). I state that she should find work in the industry as a producer as she has so much experience. The next thing she comes to my office and asks for a job. So I take her on as a trainee producer. The training will last for 6 months. After 5 months she comes to me to hand in her months notice as she’s had a better offer elsewhere. I feel let down but tell her that her contract is for a year and so she can’t leave. Then I move her to my new offshoot company that deals with non-idol groups. She brings a really modern sound to the groups (who mainly write their own material) and they become very successful. After a year she decides to stay when she realises how good it is working here. Plus we have given her 1% of all sales.

Next up I appear again on tv talking about the decline of H!P and how it’s been suggested that the company I work for takes them over (although I’m in control of things I am not the boss and I have to report regularly to 3 old men in suits). I declare that I would only be interested in taking Morning Musume (and even then only certain members) and Mano Erina. A short while later my company buys H!P from UFA. I decide that since Ai & Gaki have already left leaving Reina as leader (and presumably Sayumi or Eri as sub leader but my dream doesn’t mention that) I will take Reina, Eri, Koharu (because she is still really popular and visible even though she can’t sing) and Junjun. There are 4 new members but they don’t appear in my dream, just the knowledge that there are 4 new members. I’m unsure if I take them too. So I decide that Sayumi has to go as she doesn’t have a good voice and Linlin has to go because she isn’t very popular and is the least attractive. Mitsui doesn’t actually appear in my dream at all. She’s just not there and not mentioned. A short while later I bump into Linlin while I’m ordering coffee in a cafe (I hardly ever drink coffee in real life. It’s tea all the way) and she is really annoyed with me. I apologise but she still looks really upset and angry.

So I get Maki to update the Musume sound and give them a new vigour. I also hold auditions to find new members. I decide the group needs a song as upbeat as Love Machine and come up with a song with a similar happily loved-up and positive vibe. The song gets to number 1 and is followed by two more number 1 singles. I then set Maki onto my own groups as they keep getting to number 2 or 3. I’m slightly jealous that Musume are getting all the attention again. Meanwhile I’m interviewed by a magazine talking of which past Musume members I’d have taken if in their prime. I say I’d have taken Iida, Yuko, Abe, Yaguchi, Maki, Takahashi and Gaki. I say I really admire Rika and all her recent charity work and that I’d take her now (ooer). I say I’d still like Takahashi too but she’s now a member of Takarazuka. I also talk of how much I like Konkon but she was only back in the music industry because of Gatas and I didn’t take them and had closed the football team down. I then talk of how much perspective is lacking in Yossie as she’d appeared on a tv show complaining about how crap at football all the others are. I state that she’s pretty terrible herself and none of them are professionals anyway. Plus the only good player they ever had was Asami and she left in 2007.

During all this I marry someone who looks like Iida Kaori except she’s a librarian. We have a daughter and I’m very happy. At some stage suddenly the dream becomes a nightmare as I’m watching Takahashi on a roller coaster in a theatre (no idea how that works) but it crashes and she is feared dead as the roller coaster is upside down in the audience. Then I wake up.

Hmm…reasons? Well I like Yui and have been watching the V-U-den pv collection a lot recently. I do tend to think she looks better in the later pv’s when her hair has found a style that suits her and she herself comes across as very lively. I guess that explains the first part of the dream. The flirting is self-explanatory I think. In the dream I seemed to fancy who she would become rather than who she then was. However I didn’t want a relationship as she’s too young and I want a relationship that will last. In real life I tend to think unless the other person is at least mid twenties then the relationship won’t last. This is true of any relationships, not just ones involving me. My dream seems to have this as a given, probably because in real life I take it as a given.

Goto Maki is harder to explain as I’ve never taken any notice of her solo career or really of her period in Morning Musume (that is to say I’ve never really taken any notice of her. I like MM at all periods of their existence). Except with the recently subbed Utaban’s I have started to notice her more so maybe that explains it. Mano Erina I really can’t explain as I’ve only heard her single twice and have never really noticed her in the Ongaku Gatas pv’s. Probably it’s because I keep reading about her on forums and I’m expecting her to become successful. Morning Musume without Sayumi is interesting. I really like Sayumi but her personality is a bit untenable in certain ways. That is she has to grow up soon as that whole USA-chan peace stuff and exceptional girlishness can be a bit grating and as she gets older it will seem less suitable. Rika has a similar type of personality in some ways but seems more solid. Rika seems more like a real woman. She has matured to be still a bit silly when the mood takes but sexy too and strong-willed. Indeed I’d been having a conversation about her saying things to that affect on a forum recently. My respect for Rika is currently going up and up. I used to really like Yossie but recently haven’t been taken with her. Not sure why as I always like her humour. I guess my dream is just a reflection of her going down my personal pecking order. As for Linlin, well I don’t mind her being in MM as I find most of the rest very attractive but I don’t find her attractive and I’m not really interested in her. Having said that I’ve always thought she had a really nice personality so I’ve always respected her for that. I feel like I’d like her if I knew her in real life. Mitsui is the same but a bit less so. Sometimes Mitsui can be very cute but sometimes she can be irritating. Why she doesn’t exist in my dream however I don’t know. I actually think she can have a good future in MM. She does have an air of the cheeky youngster in some ways. At the same time I feel there’s a vulnerability there too. She could be interesting to watch in the coming years.

I think the whole section on V-U-den Yui’s unit learning responsibility and staying within the law is to do with the problems I see in the UK right now. It’s very much an individually driven society. Look after yourself and your family and do not care about anyone else. You can’t walk along the street without people making cocky comments in your direction. It’s not just teens or kids either. It’s grown men and women. It’s successive generations of bad parents and a society that is very materialistic and self-driven. A society that thrives on ego. Every man, woman and child for themselves seems the norm. Love thy self and screw over thy neighbour. A country where people consider themselves poor if they don’t own a Playstation 3 or a Nintendo Wii. I mean you’re lucky now if you can make it from one end of a street to the other without being shot or stabbed. I think H!P gives you this (probably) make believe version of Japan where everyone comes together to quote the soon to become defunct (in my dream) Ongaku Gatas. That’s part of the charm of H!P land. H!P units and singers being part of one big family is part of the appeal.

Finally the Takahashi death bit is somewhat odd. I guess it just became a typical nightmare. I woke up at that point in a sweat. In my dream I was heartbroken. I guess that part of the nightmare could be something to do with how much I adore her personality and how I believe that bad things often happen to the nicest people. Alternatively maybe there was no reason at all for it. Nightmares tend to be very abstract. Well mine do anyway. I mean I once got strangled by a monkey who had been stalking me through rainy streets. In black and white. I actually died in the dream before I woke up. I have no fear of monkeys and this was many years before I’d even seen Family Guy!

All in all a very strange dream but one which I think relates quite strongly to my life and interests right now. I wouldn’t mind more H!P dreams but if they feature any more bad things happening to Lovely (who I adore the most in the current line up) I’m taking the Nightmare on Elm Street approach and I’m going to start staying awake all night!


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