100th post

So after just 5 months this would seem to be my 100th post. I guess now is as good a time as any to look back and reflect on how this blog has been doing. So what have I learned? Well I’ve learned that Yaguchi Mari is the most searched for person in H!P if the search terms used to find this blog are anything to go by (I am also including Mari Yaguchi, Mari or just Yaguchi too). Reina Tanaka takes silver and Ai Takahashi takes bronze. Even though I like all 3 I don’t think I’ve made too many posts on them so I don’t think that fully explains all the ‘hits’ they have given me. The search terms ‘playboy’ and ‘sexy’ seem to do quite well though too. So if I entitle my next post ‘Yaguchi, Reina and Takahashi in sexy Playboy poses’ I should be laughing. If I added in Sayumi & Konno too I’d have found gold as they are 4th and 5th.

My blog is quite picture heavy. Looking at the amount of clicks I’m not sure if this has been worth it. Then again I do this for my own enjoyment. For my H!P Girls series for instance I tended to post what I think are the best pictures I had seen. Normally they came from photobooks. I like to present the cream of the pictures irrespective of whether anyone else is actually looking. After all it’s not exactly a hard task looking through lots of pictures of attractive singers to find the best ones. Anyway I can now reveal the top 3 pictures as voted for by you. Yes you. At number 3 is Nacchi with this nice little 4 picture ensemble…


Top left and bottom right are particularly good ones if you ask me. Nacchi can really turn it on when she wants to.

At number 2 is Lovely with a not very revealing but very pretty picture. Who says pb’s have to be all bikinis? You’d be missing out on so much if that were the case. I’m quite happy that this is the most clicked picture of Lovely actually…


I think it’s a picture you could gaze at for quite a while. Ai is so pretty. You have good taste.

So what is the most viewed picture? Well winning by just one vote it’s Kusumi…


Well I can’t say I like the clothes that much but she is still very cute. I love Koharu when she’s being a total crackhead. That energy and unbridled personality is just so endearing. She’s just so much fun. Morning Musume is a better unit for having her. Presumably then this picture being at number 1 means my ‘Yaguchi, Reina and Takahashi in sexy Playboy poses’ post should also include pictures of Kusumi dressed in bizarre pink clothes.

What about my thoughts on how my blog is doing readership-wise? Well to be honest I expected the blog to be in single figures for ever and I’ve been pleasantly surprised that this hasn’t been the case. At the same time not many people comment so of the people who do visit how many only have a quick look and then think ‘nah’ ? Who knows. One thing is certain and that is that when you are pingbacked by International Wota you do find a big spike in your visits. So far I’ve been quite happy with the variety of posts that were picked up by IW. You just can never tell when you’ll be picked up on, which is a good thing. It makes it a pleasant surprise when it does happen. Away from IW though the majority of visits are through search terms and I’m sure that most of the people visiting just have a quick look and then move on. If I have more than about 10 people who actually regularly visit here I’d be really happy. Sometimes the lack of comments can make you wonder if anyone is actually reading though. My recent post on being a H!P fan in the UK I hoped may at least make one or two people comment. As it was one person did which was one better than I feared. So thank you Paul Thomas whose Hello! Blog has the kind of readership and more importantly the kind of reader involvement most of us bloggers can only dream about. Damn, even his guest blogger who doesn’t count himself a fan of H!P creates waves of positive feedback.

To be honest though the reason I blog is because I can’t exactly chat here in the real world about Abe’s new single or the Rika and Yossie kiss in the new Ongaku Gatas pv or whatever. Nobody here knows a thing about H!P. So my blog is my way of at least spewing forth in an untidy mess my opinions, random thoughts and lustful feelings about the good ship Hello! Project and all who sail in her (and when it comes to the lust part the names ‘Okada’ and ‘Yui’ are never far away. Sometimes ‘Tanaka’ and ‘Reina’ take their place though). It’s actually been a very therapeutic thing to do, this blogging lark. It’s cathartic. It’s better to write here than keep everything bubbling away in what passes for the brain in my head. It’s better to scream I love you from the top of a building than never say it at all (although you will piss off the neighbours if you do that so beware). So yeah, cathartic.

I think that’s very fitting for a H!P-related blog. I’ve only been a fan for less than a year but the impact it has had on me I couldn’t begin to explain. I think it came along at a stage in my life when I was at a crossroads. I was pretty lost really. Sure I have a reasonably stable job and a roof over my head but in terms of who I am and where I’m heading as a person I felt like I was going nowhere. Mentally a bad year had left me feeling pretty much done with the world around me. Then someone showed me the pv to Renai Revolution 21. That person who I’d known for quite a few years is the online friend I’ve known the longest. I’d like to thank her for her exuberance when it comes to promoting H!P (and for her friendship too). I hope that when she reads this at some stage in the future (and I’m not going to show it to her) that it means something. Because from showing me that one pv my outlook on life has been invigorated. My enjoyment of life has increased dramatically. Who wants to live in a world without such great music? A world without Utaban? A world without Hello! Morning? Well it may have finished but there’s a couple hundred episodes out there and many subbed. Also what is life without a conflict battle in Hawaii or an idiot test? Ah life is so much duller. So as a thank you here’s some pics to that one very good friend. You’ve enriched my life. Not just because of H!P but because of your personality. Because of your friendship. Be proud of who you are…


5 responses to “100th post

  1. Congratulations on reaching 100 posts! Now, I’d like to address a few of the points in your centennial post if I may:

    Re: Being a picture-heavy blog – I appreciate the time and effort involved in posting all those pictures. It’s not always a smooth process, and it is very time-consuming. I had intended on going back at some point and saving most of those pictures, but I am the King of Procrastination, and have yet to do so. Except for that Nacchi pic you said came in #3…WOWZERS! 😉

    Re: IntlWota linkage, readership and commenting – Yeah, I keep hoping they link to stuff of mine, as it does generate a heck of a lot more views, but most of the time, I don’t mind if they don’t. The only time I’ve been really disappointed at the lack of coverage was for the review of a Heartsdales album. That one disappointed me a lot because I spent a lot of time on it (arguably the most I’ve spent on any entry except perhaps Yuko’s Happy Birthday post), Heartsdales don’t have nearly the amount of online fandom that MM/H!P do (partially because they’re now disbanded), and I was really hoping for IW to feature that one to “spread the word”, as it were, about the girls to people who might not know them. I know they feature non-H!P stuff on the site, and I was more than a little gutted that that one wasn’t featured.

    As for reading, I must confess, yours is one of only two H!P blogs I read regularly. I don’t comment on every entry (especially the H!P fan in the UK one, since I have no experience in that regard, though I must say I agree with your “worldview” when it comes to the girls and the distractions from everyday life that they tend to provide. They really are something special!), but I do read most of them. I occasionally miss some though because you tend to update somewhat more regularly than I do. That’s not a bad thing, though…that’s a good thing. I should be more proactive in my blogging habits than what I currently am… *sweatdrops*

  2. I have updated quite a lot in the past few weeks. It may have had something to do with taking a few weeks off work.

    I’m glad someone is reading though. As for the pics well I enjoy going through them. Who wouldn’t? 😀

    I’ve never actually heard of Heartsdales so need to check them out. I am a Jpop newbie though really.

    Risuzu thinks Inaba is lovely? Who knew? 😉

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post!
    I’m really loving your blog and enjoy reading your posts, I’m so envious at how often you’re able to post.

    With the readership I’d say keep at it, it’s one of them things that builds up over time and you’ve certainly got the content to attract people to keep coming back. It looks like your reason for bloggin is much the same as mine, there’s just no one to talk to about things H!P related ouside of the net…well there is, but it’s only a matter of seconds before your friends eyes glaze over with boredom, lol, although I must admit to still bugging the odd person about H!P when I’m down the pub even when I know it’s the last thing they want to talk about.

    I can totally relate to how H!P has had such a big impact on you, as I feel exactly the same. Certainly from the music aspect I’d pretty much given up on music for a good few years, stopped going to concerts, buying singles and albums there was just nothing in the UK or US that really appealed to me and then discovering H!P was like a breathe of fresh air and had me hooked instantly.

  4. Actually for me I’d say musically it was pretty much the same thing. About 10 years ago I was into all sorts of stuff. In the past 5 or 6 years especially though I’d pretty much found nothing that interested me except for one or two bands or artists who I’d liked for years who had continued to provide the goods. In the year before I got into H!P I think I’d bought 3 or maybe 4 albums and precisely zero singles. I think only one album had been from a reasonably new artist. H!P has really given me a love of music again. Strangely it’s also spurred me onto digging out cd’s from years ago that I’d largely forgotten about. I used to live on music. Now I’ve got the same kind of zeal back. 75% of what I listen to now is Jpop related but the other 25% is stuff I used to love years ago which I hadn’t really listened to in ages.

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