Morning Musume’s Next Single is Pepper Keibu

Yes the next single Morning Musume release is to be a cover version of the Pink Lady song Pepper Keibu. It’s the song Ai and Risa sang on a drama recently. I can’t wait to hear what MM as a group have done with this. The version sung by Ai & Risa was very catchy so this could be good. I’m really hopeful.


2 responses to “Morning Musume’s Next Single is Pepper Keibu

  1. You and me both…the more I listen to that song, the more I like it, and I just can’t see MM screwing it up at all. 🙂

  2. I’d hope not. Also the fact that it’s a (presumably still) well known song in Japan should help it’s sales rather than hinder. They could really do with another top 3 single at least. Preferably a number 1 though. 😀
    I’m not the doom-monger some people are and I know from record sales that they are still the number 1 H!P group but I do hope this single helps them get some mainstream support again. I think they could really do with winning over the masses rather than the wota’s. I hope the pv is a decent one. That’s an area that could concern me.
    I think this song could be done with just the right type of energy, humour and spirit to capture the attention of the masses.

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