Haromoni@ 7 September 2008

Just a short(s) review this week. So first up the customary style caps…

Who wears short shorts? Everyone wears short shorts. And the world is a better place. 😀 Summer is pretty much over and yet I’m feeling hot. Strange that. Sayumi is very funny here. When you see it you’ll see why. Junjun’s top says huh?

Well that’s all for this week. The best bit is over with. 😀 Tsk. Oh okay…

First clip is surely the hardest GakiKame section yet. Golf ball. Over shoulder. In hole. Great distance. See? Sounds hard doesn’t it? Especially when you put in those unneccesary full stops. It proves hard too…

It took over 300 attempts in the end. Have they never heard of repetitive strain injury? Have they never heard of lawsuits?

Next is another okay Sayumi magic trick. Skipping onwards we come to a Takahashi foot massage quiz. This weeks victim? Ogawa Makoto…

Nice to see her back. Nice to see her front as well actually. She’s looking very healthy and happy.

Up next it’s *drum roll please* The Memory Test! Yes it’s the bit you’ve all been waiting for…the end credits. But first some food. Ah I’m being a bit unfair. The good thing about the test this week is it’s Kusumi taking it. There’s a bit of drama towards the end but the girl came good. One thing you are always guaranteed with Kusumi is energy. It makes this watchable. Thank god something does…

Also I must say Kusumi was looking particularly striking this week.

So that was it. A huge chunk was taken up with golf and most of the rest was food. It sounds like BBC2 of a weekend to me. Only with very attractive singers. Well it’d be one way of making the license fee worthwhile. Not the best show overall but not the worst. In shorts it fell shorts of the required standard but didn’t come up shorts when it came to beauty. So I’ll end this shorts review by having a nice lie down.

But first the preview for next week. We see some over the shoulder darts action (I hit a bullseye doing that when I was about ten but I’m digressing), something very amusing looking involving Sayumi and Reina and some more idiot combo action. The presence of any shorts however cannot be confirmed at this time…


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