Haromoni@ 14 September 2008

No time for a full review at the moment so I’ll post this brief one and maybe update it at a later stage if I get the chance.

So onto the show. The fashion this week? Retro. Sort of…

The first clip finds Eri in a bar. Well hello there young lady. Would you like a drink? Oh she’s not interested in me. She’d rather chuck a dart over her shoulder and hit a bullseye…

121 attempts it took this time. Anyway next up is a weird Sayumi magic clip…

After that we have two hidden camera clips that feature firstly Sayumi and then Reina. Both are hosted by Cabbageman and Takahashi who is wearing a bad wig and a school uniform. Uhuh. Quite a funny segment though. Reina however does seem to spot the set up. She starts looking to where one of the hidden cameras is positioned almost straight away. Not sure what happens at the end with Takahashi but it seems like she’s the victim of something…

Up next there’s another Sayumi and Eri idiot girls section…

Followed by a clip of Takahashi being voiceovered by Kusumi…

And that’s it. Takahashi had some good clips this week, Reina was great as always, Sayumi and Eri had their moments, Kusumi had a brief cameo and nobody else did anything.

Next week has some angelic clothes and Reina crying (I think with laughter)…


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