Haromoni@ 21 September 2008

So it’s time for the second to last ever Haromoni. The garment this week…

Well actually the show this week is just old clips. So we get such treats as Lovely reacting badly to various foods…

And wow does she look great with her hair like that! Oh and we also get Junjun doing some weird limbo mime…

Typical bizarre we-couldn’t-think-of-anything-better Haromoni there. Then there’s Reina crying after winning a prize on one of those grabber machines…

Bless. I’d hate to see how she’d react if she didn’t win a prize on one of those grabber machines though. There are lots of other scenes too including a montage of some of the GakiKame segments but I’ve not bothered screen capping any and I don’t think it’s really worth describing what clips were used.  However then towards the end we get what appears to be a preview of the final show and it seems to be one long GakiKame episode. Only this time involving all the members…

The last episode could be the best ever. I mean just look at those costumes. I don’t know where that hotel is but I’d sure like to book in for a very long stay. Actually I think I’d just live there permanently.

Finally to top those lovely preview clips we get part of the pv of Morning Musume’s latest single Pepper Keibu. Although why they don’t make it full screen I’ll never know…

And that’s your lot. A bit much of a muchness this week for the most part. The highlights of the series are nothing special really and I can’t think of a more damning criticism for a show than that. A year and a half of weekly episodes and really the highlights aren’t up to much. We do get a long chunk of GakiKame clips part of the way through and while they work as one take clips watching all the failed attempts as we’ve had to do in recent shows was quite boring for the most part. But the saving grace came towards the end. Next week at least looks like it will be visually stunning. The members all look great for starters and all 9 of them attempting various tricks could be very entertaining. Hopefully we won’t have to watch 200 failed attempts of each clip though. The preview has whetted the appetite. It should be a good show. The girls deserve one. As for this week, well the show was also saved by the pv for Pepper Keibu. I’m really liking the song and, while I’d rather see more than just a dance shot, the pv is fun. I like the clothes and the dance. Very 70’s disco. I hope the single sells well. Would it be too much to hope for a number 1?


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