Which Morning Musume Member Are You? (Slight Return)

I came across another one of those multi option quizzes before at this site. I like this test because as well as giving you 21 questions to answer there’s also a sliding scale that allows you to place a priority on each question. So if a question doesn’t really apply you can give it a low priority. If you do the quiz then on the page after you click for your results click on the “HERE” at the top of the page to go directly to the results. The results for me were…

My #1 is:    Asami Konno
My #2 is:    Kaori Iida
My #3 is:    Asuka Fukuda
My #4 is:    Eri Kamei
My #5 is:    Ai Takahashi
My #6 is:    Kei Yasuda
My #7 is:    Risa Niigaki
My #8 is:    Aya Ishiguro
My #9 is:    Makoto Ogawa
My #10 is:    Natsumi Abe
My #11 is:    Sayumi Michishige
My #12 is:    Yuko Nakazawa
My #13 is:    Rika Ishikawa
My #14 is:    Sayaka Ichii
My #15 is:    Hitomi Yoshizawa
My #16 is:    Reina Tanaka
My #17 is:    Maki Goto
My #18 is:    Nozomi Tsuji
My #19 is:    Miki Fujimoto
My #20 is:    Ai Kago
My #21 is:    Mari Yaguchi

I am my avatar. 😀 Aww I’m so not Yaguchi. Even though she’s my joint favourite member. Still I would have to say my personality is more Konno and Iida than Yaguchi. They are also joint favourites of mine as well. My other favourite Takahashi Ai is high up too. All good diverting fun. Normally with other tests I end up as Sayumi though. I think this test is the most accurate I’ve done so far.


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