Yo-Yo Girl Cop dvd extras picspam

Oh the joy of having something released in the UK that involves H!P members. Yes Yo-Yo Girl Cop was released today on dvd in the UK with a full range of subtitled extras. 80 minutes worth in fact…

Look you get interviews with the cast…

Yui looks so cute. Which makes a change from her looking like a total minx.

Then there’s the Premiere Press Conference where Yui looks an absolute fox and Rika sports an interesting hat that may have once been a fox…

And then there’s the not a premiere Press Conference…

Best of all though is a 41 minute making of feature…

This is bliss. Well when you live in a country starved of J-pop related merchandise and where you have to spend a fortune importing items this makes such a refreshing change. I mean I suspected that even if this film was ever given a dvd release it’d be just the film with no trimmings. So to get all this extra goodness and subtitled too is just excellent. As Charmy would say HAPPY! 😀


3 responses to “Yo-Yo Girl Cop dvd extras picspam

  1. I’ve still got to watch the extras, I’m hoping that I can fit in tonight!
    The amount of extras included with this are really amazing, especially considering it’s foreign title which I imagine not many people have heard about, I’ve yet to see a review of it in any magazine…perhaps in the next issue of Neo?

  2. It’d be interesting to see this get reviewed by someone who doesn’t have any prior knowledge of Matsuura, Rika and co. I’m not sure quite what they’d make of it though.

    I loved the film but then I was watching Yui play a bullied schoolgirl and Rika play a bitch. I couldn’t exactly watch the film objectively because I kept thinking Yui! Rika! Yui some more! I really enjoyed it as a light action film. The plot wasn’t great but then you kind of know what to expect by it’s British title. It was always going to be a fun film to watch. I did think the acting was easily good enough though. This was definitely Yui’s film for me. She’s the heart of the piece. I’m not a big fan of Matsuura but thought she played the part well enough. Rika was also good although she didn’t have as big a part as I’d expected. She played her character well though. She suited the role. Somehow it seemed to fit her. Which isn’t to say that I think she’s a bitch in real life because I don’t. It’s more that her voice and her look fitted into the character well. She also fitted into the leather well. 😀

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