Morning Musume Ranker 2

I decided to redo the American Wota Morning Musume ranker to see just what difference a few months can make. When I last did it there were still quite a few members I didn’t really have a handle on. But with the subbing of early Utaban appearances I feel I now have more of a handle on most members. Plus I’ve seen a lot of other subbed tv shows in the intervening months which also helps build up a bigger picture in my mind as to the members talents and personalities.

It’s pointless redoing the ranker without referring back to the original results though so I’ve shown in brackets whether each person has moved up (^), moved down (v) or stayed still (=) plus by how much they have moved. So if someone has gone up two places it’d be (^2). So without further ado I present you the updated list of MM members past and present ranked from joint first to joint 24th.

1 (^5) Iida Kaori
1 (=) Konno Asami
1 (^2) Takahashi Ai
1 (=) Yaguchi Mari
5 (v2) Tanaka Reina
6 (^4) Abe Natsumi
7 (=) Ishikawa Rika
8 (^8) Kamei Eri

Sorry. Kamei Eri…
9 (v1) Nakazawa Yuko
10 (^2) Niigaki Risa
11 (=) Kusumi Koharu
12 (v3) Michishige Sayumi
13 (v8) Yoshizawa Hitomi
14 (=) Li Chun
15 (^6) Goto Maki
16 (v3) Fujimoto Miki
17 (v2) Kago Ai
17 (=) Tsuji Nozomi
19 (=) Qian Lin
20 (=) Mitsui Aika
21 (^2) Ogawa Makoto
22 (=) Ishiguro Aya
23 (v5) Yasuda Kei
24 (^1) Fukuda Asuka
24 (=) Ichii Sayaka

So what can we deduce from this? Well I have far too much time on my hands obviously. Which is strange because I’ve been rushed off my feet recently. It certainly doesn’t seem like I’ve had far too much time on my hands. But such flippancy aside what else does it show? Well the early subbed Utabans and tracking down Iida’s solo albums has meant she has jumped up from 6th to joint top. Iida I find beautiful both as a singer and as a person. Even though in the early days she was very emotional it always came from a good place. She tried to be peacemaker a lot. She was also always very entertaining. Her personality seems very unique. She seems to have very much her own style and attitude. Something I admire a lot. Especially when mixed with a good heart.

Okay so Iida is a winner. Takahashi has also moved up to joint first too. She had been joint third with Reina. I think this is something to do with just appreciating a personality so sweet and funny. I get the feeling with Lovely that you’d never get bored hearing her speak. Her opinions seem slightly off the wall at times and her cuteness and general aura mean that she is someone I’d miss a lot in MM if she graduated.

With Konkon & Yaguchi staying put in first place making it a 4 way tie poor Reina is the victim as she drops from joint third to fifth. She hasn’t done anything wrong it’s just that the other 4 all inspire feelings of tranquility or in Yaguchi’s case lively humour. Reina is the sexiest Musume of all to me and I like her slightly cheeky persona but not as much as I like Iida’s ladylike individuality, Konkon’s kawaii personality, Lovely’s slightly kooky persona or Yaguchi’s irreverent humour. Sexiness comes 5th. Even when mixed with a fun cheekiness.

Nacchi is a big jumper going up 4 places to 6th. For some reason in recent months I’ve just found myself admiring her gentle peaceful happy contented soul persona a lot more. Abe seems to have determination and strength underneath the surface but it only shows itself when necessary. The rest of the time there’s an effortless calmness to her.

Rika stayed still which bring us to the highest climber of all in Eri. It took me quite some time to get an opinion of Eri. Then in recent months I watched her subbed Love Hello dvd and various subbed Haromoni@ episodes. Having watched these her personality started to become a lot more recognisable. Shy, unsure and a bit daft she might be but that does inspire protective feelings in this blogger. Plus she does have a very nice figure. 😉

Yuko drops a mere one place and Risa moves up two so not much change although for Risa it does mean a coveted (honestly it is) top 10 placing. Haromoni@ has had one impact and that is for the current members you get a sense of their personalities now rather than relying on old Hello! Morning episodes. Risa has came on in leaps and bounds in terms of looks in the last year or two but has also managed to take on a more mature personality while still keeping that energetic reaction Queen persona. She would make a great leader of MM (but hopefully not too soon as I don’t want Takahashi leaving for a long time to come). Risa just has the kind of personality that would make for amusing times while also being someone you’d trust to be level-headed and trustworthy.

Kusumi stays put leading us to 12th place and a drop of 3 places to one of the members I originally liked the most when I first got into MM, Sayumi. She’ll always be Sigh Yummy to me but I’d really like to see her lose a bit of that pink persona. Rika has grown from a similar place into a beautiful young woman. Still capable of girlishness but also capable of maturity, sexuality and caring. I always get the feeling that Rika is a good girl. In fact I think Yuko said words to that affect on her blog recently. Now I’d like Sayumi to follow suit and start to mature. I just don’t see too many signs of it yet. Still she is still damn pretty at least. Her photobooks are breathtaking. Also her humour has lit up the otherwise terminally dull Haromoni@ on many occasions.

So onto unlucky for some number 13. It’s proved unlucky too as another early favourite of mine Yossie has dropped a full 8 places. The biggest fall of all. I can’t quite put my finger on why but I have been getting a slight vibe to say that even though she was a very good leader she’s just not really the type of person I particularly like. I certainly don’t dislike either and I think she has always displayed a good sense of humour but her type of character is one that I’d not choose to spend time with as much as the others. That’s not actually a criticism though. We probably all know people who we like but don’t choose to spend too much time with.

After Yossie comes Junjun who steadfastly refuses to budge from 14th place. But up to 15th comes Maki. Up a full 6 places from last time mainly due to those subbed early Utaban appearances coupled with the fact I tracked down those subbed Asayan episodes that show the creation of the first H!P shuffle units. So a move based very much on the Maki of old. Well I don’t know a great deal about the Maki of now.

Miki follows Maki and has dropped 3 places. I guess her more cynical personality while showing admirable strength doesn’t really do as much for me as the lighter more joyful personalities of some of the other members. Anyway I have Yuko for the strong personality that is attractive position. 😀

After this the bottom places don’t show too much change. For some reason I’d managed to put Kago 2 places above Tsuji last time. Now they are both together sharing 17th. A drop of those same two places for Kago. I really love W. Their songs are some of the best H!P songs of all and their pv’s are great. Yet as individuals I’ve never really felt much one way or the other. Strange really. Ai wasstarting to become cute but then the whole smoking thing seems to have knocked her for six. I’m not sure her personality has matured as it would have done otherwise. Linlin and Aika have stayed put and of the rest Kei has fell down a bit. I guess her personality is one that while perfectly likeable it doesn’t really mean anything to me. The last two of Ichii and Scratchy Fukuda I still don’t have a great deal of knowledge about. Although I think Ichii was cute when she was in MM.
So there you have it. A pointless distraction but fun for me. The list hasn’t actually changed all that much. The top 10 has swapped Yossie and Sigh Yummy for Eri & Risa but otherwise I’m mostly consistent. Sigh Yummy could easily regain a top ten place though if she starts to display some signs of maturity. The cutesy pink loving persona is not really my type of thing but I do get the feeling that there’s a whole other side to her that could burst out eventually. Looking at my top ten I reckon if I was going to add in non-MM H!P members Okada Yui would place in about 8th knocking Eri down a spot. I don’t think anyone else would force their way into the top ten though. I reckon Momoko could be just outside however. Probably equal with Kusumi.


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