Pepper Keibu Pictures

Hello! Musume posted some great Pepper Keibu pics over the past week or so. I was so blown away that I thought I’d post some myself.

These following pics are scanned from the single photobook…

Oh how much do I love these pics. I love the whole black and silver look. Eri’s hair really suits her. I love a strong fringe. Risa’s hair I’m not so sure about but her face looks beautiful with that make-up. Sayumi looks hot and Reina looks…well Reina looks like Reina always looks like. If you get my drift. 😀 Reina is sexy as always. I like Junjun with her hair up. Mitsui looks so different to normal. It takes a bit of getting used to. Overall I’d say these pics are some of my favourite single photobook pics of all. Kanashimi Twilight’s were better of course but that look would be a hard one to beat. This look works really well and suits the disco feel of the song brilliantly too.


4 responses to “Pepper Keibu Pictures

  1. I also think the silver and black is meant to remind us somewhat of the outfits for Love Machine. The new single has a Love Machine vibe to it as well, even though it is a cover song, so I have to assume it’s intentional. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing, though…

  2. I always think of Love Machine as being more pink. I think it’s the background. I kind of know what part you mean though. When they are wearing the long coats?

    I don’t personally see much similarity between Love Machine and Pepper Keibu. Although I’d love to see PK sell as well. Sadly it looks like being around the number 4 position from what I’ve heard.

  3. I think it’s just because Love Machine is a bit disco/retro in my head, and PK is retro because of being a cover. But yeah, those silvery dresses/coats on the cover of the LM single was what I meant, yeah.

  4. For some reason when I think of songs I always think of the pv. I see what you mean now. I’m being a bit dim tonight! 😀

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