Natsumi Abe Best Of CD/DVD Out 10 December 2008 (Updated)

Hello! Online have reported that Natsumi Abe has a best of cd and dvd being released in December. The track list is…

01. 22sai no Watashi
02. Datte Ikitekanakucha
03. Koi no Telephone GOAL
04. Yume Naraba
05. Koi no Hana
06. Sweetaholic
07. The Stress
08. Amasugita Kagitsu
09. Too far away ~Onna no Kokoro~
10. Iki wo Kasanemashou
11. Toumorokoshi to Sora to Kaze
12. Furusato (Natsumi Abe version)
13. Takaramono
14. 鳴り止まないタンバリン

Thanks to Japtalian at H!O for the tracklist. Track 14 is presumably her new single which is being released on 3rd December. I’m not sure what is on the dvd. I’d love it to be the pv’s to all the songs but I doubt it.

I think I’ll be tempted to buy this release. Koi no Hana, Datte Ikitekanakucha and The Stress are songs I really like. Furusato too (it’s always a good song no matter who is singing it. Obviously it’s seen as Abe’s song but there are plenty of other versions around due to the fan club dvd’s and so on. They are always good. It does seem to really suit Abe’s personality and voice the most though). There’s a few songs that I’ve never heard for some reason so it’d be a good chance to catch up. The dvd could well win me completely over.

On a separate note I hope this doesn’t signify the end of her solo career with Hello! Project. Some people seem to think it may do. Having just released the Nacchural dvd I can’t see why it should. A dvd, photobook, single and best of album all within a few months hopefully means they are still right behind her. Time will tell I guess. She’s had enough singles to qualify for a best of. Plus Morning Musume have had several singles collections and are still going so I hope there’ll be more still to come from Nacchi.

Edit: According to a poster called Wow!!!!! on Hello-Online in this thread the final track is actually Nariyamanai Tambourine. This song was supposed to be her 4th single but was cancelled when the plagiarism scandal broke. The other good news Wow!!!!! gave us was that the dvd will be the pv’s to Abe’s 10 singles. I’m sold then. I’ll definitely be buying this. Finally here is the advert Wow!!!!! posted at Hello-Online. You can see the track listing for cd in the left column and dvd in the right column…


2 responses to “Natsumi Abe Best Of CD/DVD Out 10 December 2008 (Updated)

  1. I’ll be getting that one at some point, because I love Koi no Hana, Iki wo Kasanemashou, and Furusato. The rest I don’t think I’ve heard, but since I don’t have those three songs on CD, I’ll get the album.

    I’m a *bit* worried about the end of her solo career. I mean, they did a V-u-den Best and then dissolved the group…as you say, though, Nacchi is having a lot of energy and activities channeled her way so H!P graduation is probably unlikely.

  2. With V-U-den it was strange. To release a best of but not to split them up then was odd. They did one more single and then split them. Anyway time will tell.

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