Yorosen! Episode 1 English subtitled

No sooner had I spoken than it was done. Some kind soul on the tracker at Hello-Online has decided to subtitle the first week’s episodes of Yorosen! So what are my thoughts on episode 1 now that I understand it? Was my enthusiasm well-founded? Will the girls be as funny as I hoped? And will Jessica ever tell Chester that…no, wait…sorry. Wrong show.

Anyway the opening voiceover translates as “This show’s purpose is to improve the educational level of Hello! Project members. They accomplish this by taking the roles of their various ideal teachers. At times being kind and at other times being strict.” Okay. So that’s the premise but what of the content of the show? Well based on the first episode this is a case of oh dear. Over the course of 3 and a bit minutes we find out the salary of the Japanese Prime Minister and the benefits of being a member of parliament. Oh and did you know that the Prime Minister’s plane can hold press conferences? At the very end we get a Mano corner clip which is basically Mano speaking to camera. This episode she tells us she’d like to hold a press conference on the PM’s plane to announce her next single. Uhuh. Right I’m starting a petition to bring back Haromoni!

Yes it’s only one episode in but there had better be something more interesting to come or this will be a disaster. The girls basically listen to Reina whittling off some facts and then respond with a bit of surprise. Surely there’s more to the format than this?

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