Yorosen! Week 1

So that’s the first week of Yorosen! over with. The verdict is not good. There’s very little fun on offer. The girls all look great as you’d expect and frankly Reina can be my teacher anytime (or I’ll happily be hers although that would count as distinctly ‘adult’ education) but ultimately this show does not make the best use of anyone. I am quite disappointed that following the often very poor Haromoni they came up with a format like this. For shame.

Okay to be fair episode 4 had some funny and interesting facts about the ruler of Turkmenistan who seems a bit of a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut to say the least. Then episode 5 gave us some cute Reina drawings which raised the one big laugh of the week for me. Which was? Well episode 5 was about urban legends. So faced with a picture like this…

What could the legend be? Well having decided that the person on the left is a Prime Minister, Kusumi came up with the classic line…

Yes. That’s obviously the answer Kusumi. Well done. Ah best moment of the week by far. 😀 Morning Musume tv shows would be so dull without her.

Otherwise though the shows were high on beauty and low on any real entertainment.


There is? Where?

Cute indeed. Please marry me. As long as you don’t mind me educating Reina from time to time. Ahem.

So quick test. How many people will be involved in the marriage if you marry Morningtime?

That is correct.

Ultimately the two things that stood out for me this week were…

Lovely. 😀

Umm..sorry. I just can’t help it. Neither can the cameraman…


No. I think most will agree though that Sayumi and Niigaki have the best seats. They are nearest the camera. In fact the camera mainly moves along the right-hand side, which then also serves Lovely and Kusumi well. Poor Junjun is therefore always miles away. Mind you she does seem to be asleep through most of the shows. It’s a strange thing that the three latest members are the furthest away. It must be a coincidence. I’m sure H!P wouldn’t do anything like that on purpose.

NO! Back. Back I tell you. Into the shadows. Only the Resonant Blue three are allowed sunlight. Get back. Oh okay Sayumi you had that “help me” line. You can have a bit of daylight. The rest of you get back.

Or maybe they would.

But back to Yorosen! and at least the eye candy was strong. Reina as the teacher definitely has the wow factor. I know. You’re surprised I think that. I hide my feelings for sexy cat very well. Reina if you’ll be the third person in a ménage à trois I’ll buy you an ice cream. What do you say?

How did you know about me and Nacchi? Damn these girls are sharp. I just hope they don’t find out about Yui as well. I’ll end up with a bad reputation.


7 responses to “Yorosen! Week 1

  1. ^

    Ah happily. Normally I do state where subs or info has come from. Or at least provide a link to where more info can be found. I’ll put your link on the sidebar. H!F are a great help to a non-Japanese speaker like myself. So many subs getting released!

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  3. @morningtime: Thanks I appreciate it.. And sorry, didn’t mean to sound rude or anything.

    But thanks for advertising our stuff, hope to continue, hehe trying our best ot spread H!F around the world in every way possible.

    And your little summaries are freaking awesome… Almost makes me want you to do something like that for ALL our releases, as you make it soooooo entertaining, especially of Reina’s legs!!!! To die for!!

  4. Oh I didn’t think you were being rude. Don’t worry.

    I love all the stuff you H!F people sub. Makes a huge difference to a non-Japanese speaker like myself. There’s been some great releases. For instance I like the pv’s with karaoke option. Not that I can sing but I’m trying to get familiar with the words and find it helps focus my mind if I can hear the music only and read the words. Plus being able to see the non-karaoke version and know what their singing about is good too. 😀

    Then there’s the Love-Hello/Alo-Hello releases. I haven’t had time to watch the Yaguchi & Tsuji one yet but really enjoyed the previous Yaguchi one. I already owned the dvd but it was nice to see a version where I knew just what was being said. The same goes for the Konkon one. Oh and Reina, Lovely, Eri all subbed…heaven. Especially Reina or sexy cat as I call her. Then there was that Utaban shuffles show. You know the one where shuffles was really fitting as they were all cards? 😀 All your hard work is much appreciated!

  5. Hehe thanks for your support and we will try to continue releasing subtitled material whenever we are able to ^_^

    • @sacredcultivator
      Most of subbed MM related video got ur name on it, that’s why I felt familiar reading the response. Thanx for H!F hard-work ^_^

      Once again, nice post. ^_^

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