New Rika/Yossie Unit Hangry & Angry

Charmy has posted on her site that Rika Ishikawa and Yoshizawa Hitomi will be releasing a mini album on November 19th under the name Hangry & Angry. The album is called Kill Me Kiss Me. The look is very punky and gothic. There is a MySpace page for the band here. The MySpace page has the song Kill Me Kiss Me on it and it sounds pretty good. It’s very much rock music. A big departure for a H!P group. This group seems very interesting. Just check out the look…

Wow. As Himalia has pointed out at Hello-Online this clearly has some connection to this line of clothes. Oh and there’s more clothes here. Some cool stuff. I now want to be a woman so I can wear some. 😀

Well this is about as surprising a thing to happen at H!P as you could get. Its good to see some more work for Rika and Yossie. Although I’d still rather have Rika in V-U-den. I want my Yui back. Even so this could be good. It’s certainly something different to the usual kiddy Milky Way type units that H!P seem to form every 5 minutes. Two of the established H!P stars being given something so unique H!P-wise can only be a good thing. Also doesn’t Rika look amazing? I demand a photobook. 😀

Yesterday, while discussing the origins of The Japanese Pipettes Twe’lv with someone, I was much amused at the way the Japanese form groups from all sorts of unlikely places. I guess Ongaku Gatas are a good case in point too. Now we get goth rock based on a clothing line. I’m sure normally the clothes come after the music and not before. Ah but for Rika looking so mean and moody it’s worth it. What a goddess. She might be angry but I’m happy. As was she once. That Charmy has certainly changed.


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