Hangry & Angry To Get US Release?

Wow at Hello-Online (that’s a username by the way. I’m not just exclamating about H!O 😀 ) has reported the very exciting news that Hangry & Angry will will have a simultaneous Japanese and USA release on November 19th. Indeed there seems to be an official US Hangry & Angry MySpace page. This is very interesting news and if confirmed it will open up the possibility of H!P branching out to the US with further releases. That would be great I’m sure for American fans. In fact it might be great for other western fans as I reckon cd’s are cheaper in the US than in Japan! 😉

Now how do I get H!P to branch out as far as the UK? 😀

Oh on a separate note they are now also adding friends on the other MySpace page. I’m on there. You should be too!

On another separate note it is rumoured that the mini-album will be released in a metal box with some as yet unnamed goodies. That sounds like it could be a very interesting release indeed.


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