Yorosen! Week 2 Subbed

So week 2 of Yorosen! has been subbed by the good people of Hello!Fansubs. What do we get this week? Well the teacher is Kusumi.

Is she singing or something?

Oh no she just has a whistle. Anyway this week Kusumi will be teaching about professional sumo wrestling.

Very true. But nevertheless professional sumo wrestling it is.

Reina I don’t think it’s bad enough to be thinking about gin just 2 minutes in. Kusumi at least has that energy that’s great to watch. Yes what she lacks in teaching ability (pretty much everything) she makes up for with her usual adorable crack-headed enthusiasm.

Oh okay now you can start thinking about gin.

Onto episode 2…oh no wait first Mano Erina has a question…

When will a Hello!Project kesho-mawari be worn by a sumo wrestler? When Hello!Project decide to create an idol sumo wrestling group I guess. I reckon Ogawa Makoto should be captain with backing from Tsuji, Yossie, Fujimoto and Yasuda. Yuko can be the coach. I reckon they could win in a league against magazine models and the like. They’d have the strength and bad attitude to take on all comers. Except that goalkeeper from Yotsuya Clovers. She’d beat anyone. Even so I demand a Sumo Moni group.

Now where was I? Oh yeah. Yorosen!. So onto episode 2 of the week…

I think that poor bear is going to get the stuffing knocked out of it. I feel it’s my duty to offer to take it’s place. Kusumi please throw me around instead. Pretty please? Perhaps she’s too sweet.

Not quite right? I’d say so. Doesn’t look like she is too sweet then. Kusumi and Gaki stop that. You’ll only encourage bad erotic fan fiction.

87? Only a few of interest? Have AKB48 grown in size? Oh wait no, she’s talking about finishing moves. She then goes on to demonstrate some…

Lucky bear.

After showing a throwing move or two with the bear things turn more interesting with some musume on musume sumo action. See? I told you Sumo Moni would be a good idea…

All good fun. In fact this week may not have Reina as a very sexy teacher but it does have something last week didn’t have…entertainment. Sheer force of personality makes Kusumi great fun to watch.

Just before episode 2 ends we get Mano’s pointless section. Of more interest is Junjun and Mitsui (and bear) having fun in the background…

Then it’s onto episode 3. In this Kusumi talks about sumo wrestler’s names and decides to give the other MM members their own sumo names. I feel Sumo Moni is getting nearer to becoming a reality. Episode 3 is fun to watch but none of the names Kusumi comes up with are actually that funny. S.S. Tanaka “to make her seem bigger” is probably my favourite. And so it’s onto episode 4.

So far Kusumi has flashed a different shirt at everyone each day. Now she goes one step further and starts fondling herself…

Bad Kusumi!

I’ve been spotted! Oh, wait…actually it seems sumo wrestlers are blogging now. The rest of episode 4 is taken up with showing the blogs of a few sumo wrestlers. Not as interesting to me as Hello!Project blogs. I think the next teacher should look at Hello!Project fandom in the west.


Bless you.

So it’s onto the final episode of the week and a test. Kusumi offers to show Linlin something amazing…

I guess next there will be bad erotic Kusumi and Linlin fan-fiction then.

She’s getting out of hand! But on with the test and afterwards the members are called up to collect their results. Lovely is up first. While she goes to get her results Kusumi hums wedding music. Thinking back to last week’s shows it looks like Lovely has decided to marry me after all.

Most members get perfect scores except for Junjun who instead gets taken away. What for? Supplementary lessons apparently. Hmm. Thinking of the way Kusumi has been flashing herself through most of the show I reckon that’s just an excuse.

It must be love, love, love as Suggs used to sing (and probably still does).

You are too young to know that kind of thing.

So that’s week two of Yorosen! over with. Overall I think the first two episodes were the most entertaining this week. Kusumi’s sheer force of personality, coupled with a slight unpredictably due to her energy and enthusiasm, made her great to watch. Really what entertainment there was this week was down entirely to her. However again the format of this show means that after the initial rush you get from watching Kusumi has worn off what you are left with is a show telling you boring things while most of the members just sit there doing nothing. They might be enjoying watching Kusumi (there’s a lot of laughter from the girls this week) and I was enjoying watching her too but that on it’s own wasn’t really enough to make the show entertaining as a whole. By episode 3 onwards you are wishing Kusumi had something more interesting to bring her energy to. You could give Kusumi the weather to read and it’d be fun to watch (now there’s an idea) so she did make the show for me this week but the format is still disappointing.

4 responses to “Yorosen! Week 2 Subbed

  1. Man I enjoy reading your summaries of Yorosen, and I love how you have it spot on.

    Week 1 => Reina’s Legs
    Week 2 => Kusumi’s Flashing

    Haha keep it up looking forward to reading Week 3

    Oh right and thanks for the Link Back ^_^

  2. Reina’s legs, Kusumi’s flashing…and week 3 is Takahashi as the teacher I think. Since she is my favourite member there surely has to be something to interest me. 😀 I reckon at the very least her lovely personality (or should that be Lovely personality?) will come out.

  3. I love Yorosen, and I think it would make a great segment for a revamped Hello!Project show. I found the information interesting, though not as interesting as the teaching methods of each teacher. Man, why couldn’t I have had cute teachers flashing me in the classroom every day? I would have found school a LOT more interesting! 😉

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