Random, Pointless & Possibly Amusing Pics

There’s nothing like a few unexpected hours of free time to make a blogger post inconsequential nonsense.

So anyway I had a few unexpected hours of free time today…

I’m not sure but I think there’s something about Mitsui…

Hmm…just what has the memory girl been up to? 😮

Strange and mysterious events from around the world. Big cat sightings in the UK, are there really wild jaguars on the loose or was it just quite dark and someone’s had a bit too much to drink? Are crop circles really caused by aliens or is it just some farmers having a bit of a laugh? Does Bigfoot really exist or is it always just some bloke in a gorilla suit wearing a wristwatch? And has the rabbit ears craze reached Japan or is this evidence just caused by the camera angle?

Caption competition. Think of a caption and get banned for life for unnecessary smut…

So that rabbit ears pic…was Junjun just in a messing about kind of mood?

I guess that would be a yes.

Okay Reina, you are the sexiest musume of all. You are indeed a shiny shiny girl. Funny, confident, in love with the limelight, forthright, wonderfully dressed and with a beautiful and unique face. But please don’t do that pouty thing with your lips. It looks trashy.

I said stop it.

Well now you’re just not listening.

Now it looks like you are doing an impression of a duck.

Right now you’re just being silly. However…

…Reina World? Book me in for a lifelong stay. Will there be robot Reinas like in Westworld?

I’ll take that as a yes. The presence of a robot Gaki is just an added bonus.

Oh Reina one last thing before you go, can you please explain this?

Is it a Japanese remake of Carry On Behind?

Again I’m going to take that as a yes. That being the case can Yui be in it?

Oh never mind. It looks like she’s already doing a remake of Carry On Cowboy.

So what’s next?

Arrrrgh. Right that’s it. I give up!

So critics have slated Musume of the Living Dead. Apparently George A Romero has lost the plot. You’re not supposed to want to be caught by the zombies…

Well that’s enough from me. I think all that’s left is for Eri and Reina to be exceptionally enticing…

For Sigh Yummy to regress several years, become evil looking and yet still appear cute…

And for Konno to start hugging everyone…

She said what? 😮 And she used to seem so innocent.

Anyway that’s it for another completely pointless picture post. However I will say that to be fair as long as theres two completely gratuitous pictures of Kamei Eri in a bikini in the post somewhere then it’s been worthwhile. So as the song goes “last one Kamei Eri”..

See? Definitely worthwhile.


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