Yorosen! Week 3 – Five Days of Five Foot of Lovely

So it’s week 3 of Yorosen! Subbed by the good people of Hello!Fansubs of course.  This week we get the loveliest teacher of all. Yes it’s Takahashi Ai’s turn to take to the board. It’s good to see our marriage plans aren’t getting in the way of her hard work. Anyway on with episode 1…

How lovely does Lovely look?

Cute pretty much sums it up yes.

So the teacher has introduced herself and there’s a bit of humour here as the other members are busy singing and generally ignoring their teacher. Takahashi, due to her cute personality, being challenged a bit to impose some order. The other members are definitely teasing her a bit. After that Lovely announces that she will be teaching the history of tears and laughter. Or in other words the history of the Shogun. Now I’m sure the history of the Shogun is all interesting and everything but why would we want to hear idols talking about it? Once again the shortcoming of the format is plain to see. On the one hand the kawaii teacher but on the other hand the lack of anything entertaining for her to do.

Yes Sayumi pretty much. Mind you as long as Reina is there I can always become distracted.

Reina you are as full of impact as ever. Hmm…I’m sure I should have been doing something now but I’ve lost my train of thought. Ah well I’d better get off then. Maybe I should rephrase that. 😀

Oh wait I remember…Yorosen! I’m supposed to be watching it. Like properly watching it and not just being blown away by the AiTan combination. Well to be fair episode 1 is over now anyway. There’s just time for a promotion…

We are the Japanese Pipettes, you can tell by how we’re dressed.

Well I hope Twe’lv last longer. The Pipettes are dead to me. Dead. How can you have a group without RiotBecki and Rosay? However that’s all completely irrelevant to a blog about Japanese singers so back to the show and it’s onto episode 2…

An honorific speech? Oh well okay if I must. Reina, despite the fact I find the clothes and jewellery you are wearing in your latest dvd a bit tacky (a bit like that pouty thing you are doing with your lips on the dvd cover) I still bow down to your utterly wonderful spirit and sexiness. I don’t suppose there’s anything you want me to do while I’m here on my knees is there? No, no of course not. Silly of me to ask really. So moving on…

Well there are a lot of H!P members I like. You’re still my (joint) number 1 though Lovely.

Well episode 2 mainly dealt with a run through of some of the more interesting Shoguns. All well and good but still not something best suited to being talked about by idols. Having said that, Takahashi still hasn’t completely lost her wonderful accent, so I can listen to her all day. I just wish there was something more interesting for her to get stuck into.

Episode 3 consists of some Shogun era food. Hey if only they had to remember what it’s called this would be like having Haromoni@ back. Takahashi decides who is going to eat what which leads to some fun in the classroom but in the midst of this what really catches the eye is Eri cuddling Koharu. It looks like Koharu has moved on from flashing at people and now wants to settle down…

After the food we get Mano’s ‘interesting’ point…

Err…you’re cute and everything but why are you here exactly?

At the start of episode 4 Takahashi asks what it’s called when you try to prevent wasting money because you are on a tight budget. I think the answer is the tracker at Hello-Online. But I digress. Episode 4 is about fashion…

Some kind of flag?

Huh? Oh okay now it’s about firemen. This is good as it means a practical demonstration about how firemen slept together and how they were woken up. Basically they slept with their heads on a log and when they needed waking up the log was hit. Sensibly, given her recent behaviour, Kusumi doesn’t have to take part. Wandering hands probably…

It’s good to see the members actually doing something. In fact you get to see them doing it again as after Takahashi had hit the log Reina got to have a go…

It’s fair to say Reina isn’t the type to hold back.

So finally we get to episode 5 and a look at the girls of the Edo period. Apparently there were idols back then and their looks were different to what idols would look like now…

Depending on your opinion of Mitsui you can insert a comment here if you want. I like her though so I won’t.

She’s not talking about Mitsui. Just stop it!

Anyway that’s it for the week. But what’s to come next week?

Kamei Eri teaches us about tuna? Umm…well that doesn’t exactly sound like must-see tv to me. However a week of Eri as a teacher could be interesting, given her baka tendencies and cutely nervous personality.

Oh one last word from Mano, who tells us that…

Well Mano considering that the Edo period lasted from 1603 to 1867 I’d hazard a guess that all those idols are dead now. I think that should give you a pretty good chance of not losing to them. I mean yes we all know your record company can make some pretty bad decisions at times, but even so surely not even UFA could mess up so badly that you would lose to some long-dead moon-faced people? Then again UFA did split up V-U-den so I guess all bets are off.

As for my summary of the week it mainly consists of…

1. Takahashi still has the cutest accent.

2. Takahashi still has the cutest smile.

3. Takahashi still has the prettiest face.

4. Takahashi still has the loveliest personality.

5. Tanaka could still lead me seriously astray.

6. Singers talking about history is not what good tv is really made of. However seeing them resting their heads on a log that is then violently hit brings back happy memories of dodgeball competitions on Utaban. It also reminds me of singing the last lines of songs or having to guess items dropped onto your head while wearing a blindfold on Hello! Morning. Happy times. Please somebody give them something exciting and lively to do. They are beautiful and energetic young women. Use that, don’t lose that.

On an unrelated note, this time next week I am moving home so this may be my last post for a little while (barring any major announcements from H!P in the next few days). Worry or rejoice not however (depending on what you think of my blog) for I will be back shortly.


5 responses to “Yorosen! Week 3 – Five Days of Five Foot of Lovely

  1. Now see, I find the show fascinating and very informative, but I do think it shouldn’t be on its own. As part of a larger Hello!Morning-style show, it would be perfectly charming little segment.

    And I’d definitely rather hear my favorite idols talk about shoguns and the Edo period than the listening to the history teachers I had back when I was in school… 😉

    Good luck with the move, btw! 🙂

  2. Actually if the show was on of a morning then at least it would be teaching the kids. Isn’t this show on late at night? Or have I got that wrong? Either way I take your point that it might work as one segment of a bigger show. I just think that as it is it’s quite bizarre. It’s like there’s no actual point to the show. You just wonder what the intended audience is. All the girls should be given something to do. The girls spending a whole week’s worth of shows sitting there listening to one member doesn’t show off the other members well enough.

    Moving…I’m starting to think living a simple life in a cave would be the better way to live. At least then I wouldn’t have to move so much stuff. 😀

  3. The downside to that is, I’m pretty sure the wireless internet service isn’t as good for caves. Not to mention mail carriers being unable to find you to deliver the occasional package of H!P goodness…

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